Nvidia RTX 4050 Laptop GPU Reportedly Leaked

Nvidia RTX 4050 laptop GPU reportedly leaked and it suggests that it just might be her at a sooner time than you may have originally thought. The RTX 4050 mobile graphics gets spotted in benchmarks.

Nvidia RTX 4050 Laptop GPU Reportedly Leaked

Nvidia RTX 4050 Laptop GPU Reportedly Leaked

The RTX 4050 laptop graphics card of Nvidia is apparently just around the corner or at least what seems to be the mobile GPU has been unveiled on Twitter. And just as spotted by Tom’s Hardware, the RTX 4050 was seen in benchmarks as posted by Benchleaks on the social media platform Twitter.

The PugetBench results are for a Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop which is also listed as turning an Intel Core i7 – 13700H CPU alongside an RTX 4050 notebook GPU and additionally a 16GB of system RAM.

Is The Leak Genuine?

And just as ever you should not be carried away with the online leaks, and with that being said, you should go ahead with this information with a suitably cautious head well on skeptical shoulders. But however, this is still an exciting potential glimpse of something that could be a more affordable Lovelace laptop GPU.

What Result Did The RTX 4050 Laptop GPU Get?

Away from all that, what result did the RTX 4050 laptop GPU get? Well, that would be an overall score of 1,124 with 57.4 GPU points in PugetBench with premiere Pro 22.6.2, and that directly compares to 1,009 points and 48.9 GPU points for a Dell XPS 15 model sporting a Core i7 – 12700H processor and also an RTX 3050 laptop graphics card.


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