Asus Reportedly Unveils the Steam Deck Competitor

Asus reportedly unveils the steam deck competitor. The RODG Ally will now give layers yet another option to make their PC games much more portable.

Asus Steam Deck Competitor

Asus Steam Deck Competitor

The ROG line of gaming-focused hardware from Asus is at the moment already established with its phones as well as laptops. And the company right about now is taking on the valve Steam Deck with the reveal of its very own portable gaming device.

The ROG Ally on Saturday made its debut and is already listed at Best Buy on Monday although it is not yet available for preorder just yet. The Ally on paper has a very similar build to the steam deck, but there are a host of other differences that could give it the edge over the hardware of Valve.

Specs and Features

Powering the Ally is a custom AMD Zen 4 APU that is a major step up from Steam Deck’s Zen 2 APU, as per a video released by YouTuber Dave2D who had direct access to a prototype. And both devices have a 7-inch screen, but that of Ally is brighter, and it has a 1,080p display and 120Hz refresh rate. There is also a major decrease in fan noise on the Ally.

And unlike the Steam Deck, the Ally will not be sporting any touchpads but will instead have the standard two analog sticks. It will also be running Windows 11, which means that it will be easier to run many more games than the Steam OS although it will not be as gaming focused. The Ally can easily connect to an external GPU At home that will provide even more power during gameplay.

Pricing and Availability

Asus on a request for comment did not respond immediately. The firm has not provided a release date or details on price yet, but as per Dave2D, Asus cites that it will be a more “competitive” price.



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