How to Revive Allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You actually might be interested in How to Revive Allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In any JRPG it’s inevitable that your friends would fall in battle. Although it is possible for you to revive your comrades, the method of doing so is kind of different from what you might be expecting from a JRPG.

How to Revive Allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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How to Revive Allies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Released on the Nintendo Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 boasts a challenging and engaging combat system, perhaps getting it a place among some of the best Nintendo Switch games that have ever existed. Coming up with all sorts of strategies for you to select from, you would get several options in combat that are as numerous as the enemies that you face.

Offering quite a serious step up in JRPG storytelling, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would offer you tons of reasons to care about its characters. To keep your roster of beloved roster alive, however, you would need to master ally revival. Not only have we set out a detailed guide on how to revive your friends in the heat of battle, but we also have put together some great tips on how to revive them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Revive Allies

Although different from what you would be expecting from a typical JRPG, the process that involves your allies is relatively straightforward. With that stated, only healer classes ca revive their comrades, so have it at the back of your mind when attempting to bring one of your friends back from the brink. No matter how great are you at Xenoblade 3’s Combat, you are destined to fall but do not panic. You can get your party back in the fighting form.

For you to revive an ally, you would have to switch to a character using one of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes that excel in healing. Once you are fully in control of a healer, you would be set to go. Your fallen comrade would have a white light that shines on their body, making them easier to spot right on the battlefield. Run towards your downed buddy and you would see a button: ‘Help Up’. You get to see the prompt highlighted in green above.

Next, you get to hold down the ‘A’ button and you would see the wheel begin to fill. Fortunately, you do not lose progress if you get interrupted, by we advise that you stick it right in one if you can.

If you do not get incapacitated in the process, your ally would be recovered with a huge chunk of HP.

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Tips and Tricks

Just as you’ve guessed, picking up an ally right in the middle of combat can be quite dicey. Fortunately, there are several couples of tricks that can help you have a much easier time of things when you are in the process of frantically trying to revive a comrade.

The interesting deal here is that Multiple Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters can revive somebody at once. What this means is that if you see one of your AI-controlled party members reviving one of your teammates, you can head over and even assist them. This is worth carrying out if you have the time since it has massively cut down on the time sink reviving usually incurs.

If you are always reviving your friends, it might actually be worth more if you equip one of the Lifesaving Expertise Gems. These gems increase the speed of ally revival and raise your Healing stat, also. When it comes to increasing party survivability, these gems come highly recommended.

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