Microsoft Office Apps –  List Of Microsoft Office Applications

Do you know the Microsoft Office apps? You make use of some of these apps, and it just might be that you don’t really know that you do, but in the course of this article, the issue will be resolved. Most people are familiar with the Microsoft platform. From students to businesses, the suite of apps and services offered by this company is one of the best in the world. Although first announced over thirty years ago, this very apps offered by Microsoft is the best tool for you, your business, and your family. When the Microsoft office tool was released back then, it became the first company to exceed one billion USD in annual sales. And now in the second quarter of 2020 alone, this company gas reported 11 billion from its production department in revenue generated.

Microsoft Office Apps

Microsoft Office Apps

With the stats alone of this company and the numbers mentioned above, it is easy to see that this company is one of the best in the world. The apps that will be discussed later in the course of this article can be used across various platforms including business, offices, schools, and homes. The apps, services, and products offered by this company is used and accessed all over the globe. In this article, however, I will be writing and making a list of some of the apps available for use on this platform. These apps can be used and accessed individually or can be gotten collectively. There is the Microsoft 365 personal, family, and business subscription plans on this platform.

 List Of Microsoft Office Applications

Now that you have a clue as to what this company and platform really offers, it is time you get to learn of the various apps by name and what they are used for. below is a list of Microsoft Office apps;

  • Microsoft word.
  • Microsoft excel.
  • The Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft OneNote.
  • Microsoft Access.
  • Also, Microsoft outlook.
  • Microsoft publisher
  • SharePoint.

These are the apps offered by this product and for a better understanding of these apps, I will be describing each of their functionalities in a bit.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is one of the most used Microsoft office apps. This app is a word processor app. And statistics show that this very word processor app is one of the most used if not the most used in the world. Initially, the word processor tool was called WordPerfect. And during its times as WordPerfect, the review was modest but not excellent. Later on, with the release of Windows 95 and office 95, sales increased. This app contains a lot of interesting and fun features for the creation and editing of documents. It also has other fun features such as spell checker, text editor and so much more. this word processor tool is one of the first to adopt the what you see is what you get feature and display. This simply means that the screen you are working on displays the exact thing you will see when printed.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet program and app of Microsoft can be used to format, organize, and calculate various data, and everything a spreadsheet can be used to do. You can also make use of this app to create formulas. These formulas will in turn help you process and aggregate large amounts of data, chart data, and graphs. Once a competitor of Loftus 123, excel is now the main spreadsheet app.

Microsoft PowerPoint

If you work in a professional firm and you do give a presentation at every point in time, you will find this very app and tool very effective. This very app helps you to create professional presentations with its interesting array of features. First launched in 1990, this app has grown and developed to be one of the best in what it does. It provides features that will not only help you create world-class presentations. But it also helps you streamline and enhance these presentations.

Microsoft Outlook

This app is mainly considered as a mailing service app, but it is way more than that. This app can also be utilized as a personal information manager. And, also, task managers, coordinating your calendars, journals, browsing sessions and so much more. Also, this app can be utilized as a stand-alone app or it can be connected to multiple uses from a particular organization to share mailboxes and calendars.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft’s own database management system. This very app provides users a graphical user interface and software development tool. This pap allows users to store data or import data from other databases. These data can in turn be used to create reports, tables, queries and so much more.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft publisher app as the name implies is Microsoft’s own desktop publisher tool and program. This very app emphasizes on pages layout and design. It includes templates from business needs such as business cards, calendars, brochures, and others. Unlike other apps just like it. This app is considered a cheaper alternative and easier to use version of design software.


Microsoft’s document management and storage system allows users to share password-protected documents in a very organized and secure manner and location. This very app I very popular and famous among businesses all over the world and companies making use of it.


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