Liveability Challenge 2024 (Up to $2 Million in Funding) – APPLY NOW

The Liveability Challenge 2024 has returned and is actively seeking revolutionary innovations from around the globe that facilitate the widespread reduction of carbon emissions, enhance climate adaptation and resilience, and establish efficient and circular food systems.

Liveability Challenge 2024
Liveability Challenge 2024

Liveability Challenge 2024 Theme

The seventh edition of The Liveability Challenge revolves around two primary themes. Climate change:

  • They are searching for disruptive innovations that can effectively capture and utilize carbon on a large scale to create marketable products globally. Additionally, they are seeking innovations that cost-effectively generate renewable energy. They are also interested in adaptive solutions that enhance the resilience and protection of our ecosystems, societies, and infrastructure against the impacts of climate change. The winner of this category will be awarded a grant of S$1 million.
  • Food and Nutrition: The organizers are looking for solutions that establish circular food production systems within urban areas, encompassing various approaches like agriculture, aquaculture, and alternative nutrition. Their primary goal is to discover breakthrough innovations that optimize production efficiency while minimizing resource usage, ultimately improving the nutritional requirements of diverse demographics. The recipient of this track will receive a grant of S$1 million.


  • The teams with the most innovative solutions will receive mentoring from top experts to fine-tune their pitches and proposals, during an intensive month-long coaching program.
  • They will have the opportunity to present their solutions at The Liveability Challenge Grand Finale held at Ecosperity, where they can compete for a chance to win S$2 million in funding and other valuable opportunities.
  • Finalists will become part of the TLC alumni network and ecosystem, which includes investors, incubators, regulators, innovators, and changemakers from around the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • TLC is open to receiving any projects that have already achieved proof of concept. And are above the Technology Readiness Level (TLR) 6. Although the teams can be located worldwide. The proposed project must have practicality in Singapore and tropical cities.
  • It is a requirement for participants to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You cannot be an employee of Temasek Foundation or Eco-Business.
  • You should not have any close familial or other connections with the organization or be involved in the judging of the competition.

 Selection Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on the following standards:

  • Technology Readiness Level 6: The project should have developed its technological concept and application. Conducted analytical and characteristic proof of concept, and validated components in a laboratory and relevant environment.
  • Innovation: The project must present a solution that is founded on a novel technology.
  • Impact: The solution should effectively tackle the stated problem. Bring benefits to urban centres in tropical regions. And be acceptable to all stakeholders involved.
  • Scalability: The solution should be replicable in other tropical cities with similar settings.

How To Apply For Liveability Challenge 2024

Are you interested and qualified? Click here to commence your application.

For more information on Liveability Challenge 2024, visit the official website.

Application Deadline

February 9, 2024.



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