European Press Prize 2024 for Journalists (Up to 10,000 Euros Prize) – APPLY NOW

The European Press Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievements in European journalism, is currently accepting submissions. Journalists from all 46 countries within the Council of Europe, as well as Belarus and Russia, are invited to submit their best work from the previous year for consideration. These submissions have the potential to earn the journalists prestigious titles as Prize Laureates and be granted 10,000 euro prizes.

European Press Prize 2024 for Journalists
European Press Prize 2024 for Journalists

Established in 2012, the European Press Prize is dedicated to promoting the importance of high-quality journalism in healthy democracies, particularly during a time when information is readily available. The organization is deeply committed to fostering journalism of the utmost quality across Europe, recognizing that a well-informed public debate, facilitated by professional journalists, is essential for upholding democracy and the rule of law.

By honouring the numerous skilled professionals operating in the realm of independent, quality journalism, the Prize aims to serve as an exemplar of what constitutes excellence in journalism throughout Europe.

Categories For Press Prize

  • The European Press Prize is presented in five different categories, each highlighting various aspects of exceptional journalism:
  • Distinguished Reporting: This category recognizes outstanding journalistic work that demonstrates excellence in reporting on a particular topic or issue.
  • Innovation: The Innovation category celebrates innovative approaches to journalism, whether it be in terms of storytelling techniques, use of technology, or new ways of engaging with audiences.
  • Investigative Reporting: This category focuses on investigative journalism that exposes corruption, misconduct, or hidden truths. It rewards journalists who go above and beyond to uncover important stories that hold power to account.
  • Migration Journalism: Recognizing the significance of migration as a subject of great importance and interest. This category honours journalists who provide insightful and compassionate coverage of migration-related issues.
  • Public Discourse: The Public Discourse category acknowledges exceptional journalism that contributes to public debate and discussion. Fostering an informed and inclusive exchange of ideas.


The European Press Prize is divided into five distinct categories, with each category receiving a 10,000 euro award. Recipients of these awards are encouraged to utilize the prize money toward a personal project that has the potential to enhance the field of journalism.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All journalists from the 46 countries of Europe, as defined by the Council of Europe, as well as Belarus and Russia, are eligible to participate and submit their work.
  • Journalists who work within Europe or contribute to a European media organization or blog are invited to submit their work.
  • The submitted work must have been published between December 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Please ensure that your article is submitted in the language it was originally published in. If your article is selected for the longlist, it will be translated into English. If you already have an English translation or would like to arrange one yourself, you are welcome to include it with your application. If you do not have an English translation available, you may submit your work in its original language.
  • Kindly note that articles exceeding 5,000 words will not be considered. Longer articles place significant pressure on our translation resources and judging committees. However, for longer pieces, you may submit a condensed version instead.
  • To begin your application, please fill out the online application form.

Visit the European Press Prize’s official website for further details on the Award.

Application Deadline

December 15, 2023.



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