Highest Paying Jobs in Journalism

In this article, you will discover the highest Paying Jobs in Journalism. Journalism is a career path that is appealing to most people and this is due to the nature of the job. if you are looking forward to working as a journalist, you may be concerned about how much you can earn. Highest Paying Jobs in Journalism

Although it may not sound like a lucrative career, there is every possibility that you will earn a living from the job. Keep on reading to learn more about the Highest Paid Journalism Jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs in Journalism

If you are interested in becoming a journalist, there are so many jobs you can apply for. This ranges from traditional jobs such as print, and television media jobs to digital jobs such as marketing, communication, and lots more. Your knowledge of writing and communication as a journalist is also applicable in other industries.

Does Journalism Pay Well?

When pursuing journalism as a career path, you may be concerned about the salary you will earn. Firstly, you should know that the earning potential of journalists is not as low as you may think. The median salary for jobs in this field is higher than the median salary for all occupations.

This is stated according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you want a well-paying journalism job, you need to put in some effort to attain high-paying jobs. Having known this, the next section of this article will discuss the highest-paid journalism job.

Well Paying Entry Level Jobs for Journalism Majors

This section of the article will discuss the well-paying journalist jobs you can get at the entry-level. Before going through the list of these jobs, you should know that your earning potential in this field depends on your job description, work environment, education, and experience.

Also, know that the highest paying journalism careers are senior level and management job roles. Below are some well-paying jobs for journalism majors that you can consider.

Content Writer

Content writers are useful in the journalism field and it is also an entry-level job. As a content writer, you have a flexible job and you can work remotely at your convenience. You will be required to produce print content, newsletters, video scripts, advertisement copy, social media posts, and lots more.

Also, you will be required to conduct research and develop a content creation plan. You are also required to work with brand guidelines and check marketing metrics.

Communications Manager

If you have a degree in Journalism, you can work as a communications manager. The role of this professional is to create, organize, and implement a communications program. The goal of this communications program is to promote the organization and its brand.

They also develop communication strategies for promotional and marketing purposes. Also, a communication manager is responsible for creating a communications budget, organizing promotional events, and assisting with fundraising efforts.

Product Marketing Manager

As a journalist, you can also work as a Product marketing manager. These professionals focus mainly on communicating the value of a product to potential buyers, investors, or clients. Although, this role varies by the company.

A product marketing manager works with products, sales, and also marketing teams to innovate ways to improve a company’s brand. As a product manager, you will also be required to create stories to gain the attention of your target audience.

Corporate Communications Specialist

You can also work as Corporate Communications Specialist with a degree in Journalism. These individuals are involved in creating and distributing messages to customers, company shareholders, and lots more. Also, these individuals are required to write press releases and speeches and provide correct information to the general public.

These individuals are also required to market and advertise and act as a middleman between the management and employees. As a corporate communication specialist, you will write press releases, coordinate meetings, and conferences, maintain relationships with the media, arrange speaking engagements, and lots more.

Content Manager

A content manager is an individual that creates content to improve a company’s brand and establish its online presence. This job role requires you to create and publish engaging content. You are also required to set short- and long-term marketing goals and develop a content strategy in line with them.

Also, you are to edit, proofread and improve the content of other writers. Other roles include optimizing content according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and managing content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic.

Entertainment Reporter

Another job you can get with a degree in journalism is the job of an entertainment reporter. The role of this professional is to cover entertainment news for a publication or news outlet. This is an interesting job as you will be required to break down the most important information and stories.

You are also required to search for stories related to your network, report on current news, and build relationships with celebrities and entertainment companies.

Sports Writer

Another well-paying job is the job of a sports writer. Sports writers are responsible for creating content related to sports events for print media and digital publications. Your responsibility is to research athletes, teams, and their stories.

This job requires much traveling as you may attend press conferences, games, and other sporting events. You may work as a freelance writer or for a specific publication.

Traffic Reporter

The responsibility of a traffic reporter is to provide information and updates on the current driving condition. This is usually broadcast on TV news or the radio. As a traffic reporter, you are to report accidents and traffic jams for those who are traveling on the road. You are also required to provide current information on road conditions and then air it.


Is Journalism a High-Paying Job?

You may be wondering if journalism is the right career path for you. Also, you may be concerned about the earning potential of the career. It is possible to earn a living with journalism. There are journalism jobs that pay well and you can also get high-paying jobs in management roles.

Is Journalism a Good Career?

Yes, journalism is a good career path and it is also rewarding. If you have a passion for multimedia and current news trends, you will enjoy this job. Also, you need a solid foundation in writing.

What is the Best Field in Journalism?

There are so many amazing fields in Journalism and it’s hard to tell which one is best. Some of the top jobs for journalism graduands include corporate communication specialist, editor, Grant writer, Reporter, social media specialist, etc.

Is Journalism High in Demand?

Journalists are high in demand and it is also a highly rewarding career option. They are needed in almost every sphere because of the roles they have to play.

Is it Hard to Get a Journalism Job?

Getting a journalism job is not hard as it may sound. If you have a good work portfolio, it will not be hard to land a good job.  To improve your chances of getting a good entry level journalist job, you should have a high GPA.



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