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The Facebook Journalism Project is a Facebook community that organize to improve journalism through building community via news, train newsroom worldwide, and grants more quality through partnership.

Facebook Journalism Project

Facebook Journalism Project

The Facebook Journalism Project works with global publishers around the world to strengthen the connection between journalists and the community they serve. This organization also helps address the news industry’s core business challenges they face.

It was formerly and officially launched on the 11th of January, 2017. As though news is the key part of Facebook’s mission to aid users the ability to build a community and bring the world close together. The Facebook Journalism Project was established to forge stronger bond with the news industries as well as work with journalists and publishers worldwide.

Facebook Journalism Project Sign Up

Follow the guidelines below to sign up for this project community:

And you will be logged into Facebook Journalism Project organization.

Importance of Facebook Journalism Project

Here are the duties operated on and the importance of this Facebook Journalism Project to the community:

  • Accelerator program helps local Newsroom grow subscription business.
  • UK community news project trains emerging reporters.
  • Its $300 million commitment to support local news.
  • Supporting research on news deserts.
  • Facebook Journalism Project community network grant program funds local news projects.
  • News in Facebook Watch: One-year in.
  • Inside the Pulitzer center’s bringing stories home initiative.
  • Today In’ expands across the US.
  • Facebook News launches.
  • Accelerator program expands globally.
  • Instagram local news fellowship hires college students as Instagram editors.
  • Facebook invest $100 million to support news industry during Covid-19.
  • 400 local US newsrooms receive grants to support coronavirus work.
  • Today In merges with Facebook News.
  • Facebook introduces Journalist registration.

Journalist registration on Facebook

Journalists and publishers serve a major important role by keeping its users informed and connected with the communities they care about. Within the course of doing their jobs, members of the press can face threats both within the physical world and online. It is popularly known that journalists and fourth estate professionals are at a better risk of online harm thanks to their occupation and that it wants to produce better account protections for them.

Today it is getting down to roll out the power for those who work on news organizations to register as a journalist on Facebook, so as to receive access to benefits, equipment, and services built with journalists’ needs in mind. And it is starting with users’ account security protections to assist further protection against online abuse.

Journalists working for a news agency that’s a registered news Page on Facebook are encouraged to register as a journalist using their personal Facebook account. By registering, journalists will get stronger security measures that further protect their information and online presence on Facebook against harassment and potential hacking threats.

Registration is voluntary, and can first be available to journalists located within U.S, Mexico, Brazil, and also the Philippines (available for English, Spanish, and Portuguese accounts only). The Journalism registration plans to broaden its users registration to other countries and languages within the coming months.

Facebook Journalism Project Requirements

It is encouraged to register as a journalist if you meet all of the subsequent criteria:

To ensure the simplest experiences for people and publishers. This service offered may adjust or make exceptions to those guidelines as necessary.

Journalist registration is that the beginning of Facebook’s efforts to higher identify and support journalists on our platform. While it’s starting with account protections, within the future registered journalists can also be eligible for other news-specific benefits, tools, and features. Facebook Journalisms will continue working with news organizations, academics, and industry groups. To explore rapidly other ways to support registered journalists.


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