Best Jobs You can Get with a Degree in Journalism

Discover the Best Jobs You can Get with a Degree in Journalism from this article. Are you already a degree holder in Journalism but don’t know where to apply? Or is your interest fading away in this sector? This article will answer a lot of your questions. Keep reading!Best Jobs You can Get with a Degree in Journalism

Best Jobs You can Get with a Degree in Journalism

You may be wondering what you could do with a degree in Journalism? Journalism has over time fed and still feed people. It is one of the few courses highly chased in higher institution. What then is Journalism?

Journalism is the art of writing, gathering and editing knowledgeable content via social platforms to the masses.

Acquiring a degree in Journalism is a course worth living. You get to write for political parties, government officials, private companies, social media platforms, etc.

Best Jobs in Journaling

Content Writer

As a journalist, you can work as a content writer and earn so much in a space of little time. A content writer is one who produces online articles, print scripts, social media posts, video scripts, email newsletters, etc for public and private limited companies. Working as a content writer, you get the opportunity to read on current happenings and review life stories to the public.

News Producer

A news producer gathers recent happening and select stories for broadcasting. As a journalist, you’ll able to conduct interviews, wrote headlines and publish selected stories.

Freelance Writer

They are bosses on their own whose job is to write works on a contract basis with companies. They write on a variety of articles with little or no team work. A degree in journalism can grant you the job of a freelance writer anywhere in the world.

Communication Manager

A communication manager develop strategies for implementing public ideas, organise promotional events and assist with fundraising efforts. Earning a job as a communication manager will foster communication skills am

Social Media Planner

A social media planner organises, manages and execute paid advertising campaign and build mutual beneficial relationship with clients and vendors for companies and personal brand.

These jobs listed above earn more than more than $50,000 every year. Imagine earning such a money in three years with a journalism degree. Great!

Where Can I Work as a Journalist?

Radio Stations

This is a broadcasting station that transmits audio by radio waves to radio receivers. It is a means of communicating to the public of current incident and happenings in the nation. With a journalism degree, you can work in a radio station. Your job is to read news aloud to the masses, review headlines, grant interviews, etc

Television Broadcasting Unit

Most broadcasters have degree in Journaling and mass communication. To be able to work in a television broadcasting unit, you ought to get a degree in either courses. Journalism is one of the  best courses that will enable you work in this unit.


There are different segments one can function as a journalist. We have Sports news, political news, religious news, whit collar job news, etc  working in a Newsroom under any of the above mentioned grant you access to review related articles, write on new stories, print newsletters, etc.


How much will I get paid as a Journalist?

This question has not stopped recurring. As a proficient journalist, you stand the chance to be paid $5000 dollars per month as a writer, blogger, broadcasters under journalism. This course pays! In United States and other states. Only be competent and time-conscious at your job and your salary will be huge.

Can I publish books as a Journalist?

Yes you can! Anything writing, editing, printing, reviewing and the likes is the core work of a journalist. Publishing of books alongside reviewing them is a specialty under journalism one can choose. Aside publishing books, you can write yours too! Journalism was never a narrow course. It has many fields!

What is it like to be a Journalist?

The task of a journalist is a demanding one; it’ll take your time. As a journalist, you receive direct news coming from victims, politicians, pastors, etc alongside your media team. They’ll have to cover the scene of incidence, write the story, proofreading, sign before publishing news. This is hectic! If you choose to be a journalist, be prepared for the task ahead. Great!

Who do Journalist work for?

As a journalist, you can choose to be self employed or employed under a company or for a political party, football club, etc. This depends on your preference. Most of the time, people choose to work for a well known company, with time they become self-employed so as to earn higher and become a boss on their own!

Bonus point: Our world is going digital thus, every journalist’s goal is to  secure a digital job like; content writing, Freelance writing, copy writing, video editor  etc for the future.



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