10 Tips on How to Write an Article that Ranks on Google

Do you want to write and get paid? Or are you into content creation and already frustrated? Here’s the right article for you. This article will discuss 5 tips on how to write an article that ranks on Google.10 Tips on How to Write an Article that Ranks on Google

As a writer, target both your readers and search engines. This will help streamline your content before posting online. Most writers fail to realize this, instead, they write for the satisfaction of one’s pleasure alone, forgetting the readers and search engines.

10 Tips on How to Write an Article that Ranks on Google

I bet your article will rank extremely high after following the below process;

Great Use of Keywords

When writing, make Great Use of Keywords, as this aid in ranking your article when Google users surf the net.

Also include chosen keywords in your content as these will enable quicker ranking in search engines. Note that the more the rank the more pay you receive. For every blog accessed by the audience, there’s a commission for it. Isn’t it lovely how you remotely receive salaries in writing for a blog and owning one?

Appropriate Choice of Words

In a bid to satisfy your readers,  select friendly not hateful yet precise words. You may be wondering How Choice of Words affect Communication? Communication is pivotal while writing. You are getting paid to enlighten your readers hence carefully select words that communicate appropriately. For you to be an outstanding writer, you should be able to analyze word choice by ;

Affirming Words

Make use of words of affirmation to your readers. They include; You’ll soon win the lottery, exercise patience and keep trying. “I’d love to see you read my next article on my blog” is a sentence from a professional writer who is aware of the need of affirmation and compliments, so he shows appreciation unsure they’ll read the next article, he sends a reminder to them.

Avoid Overused Words

Repetition can get really irritating as it reveals so much incompetence on the writer’s part. Always put yourself in your reader’s place whenever you want to analyse word choice. As a writer, browse on terminologies and phrases that communicate properly the message you want to pass across

Arrange your Words Appropriately

The introduction should create a pointer to the bigger picture- the Body. Learn to arrange your words appropriately in unity. Most articles with paragraphs  convey different meaning from the original  keyword, leaving the readers confused rather than informed. Each paragraph should be structured constructively and precise to suit your main keyword

Accurate Linking

Accurate linking is another way on getting a better rank on Google. Basically we have two ways of linking. They include;  Internal and External Linking. Internal Linking are links that connect your other contents on your websites to a particle article for ranking. External Linking are links from highly recommended websites to a particular article.

Invest in Yourself

Do you want to be a Pro in writing?

The greatest asset you can ever have as a writer is YOU. How do you Invest in yourself? How efficient are you in writing? For you to be a Pro in writing,  spend quality time doing the following;


One can never be a master of all. Update yourself with current trending and happenings in the world and write on them. The more current your articles are, the more chances of ranking. Google and Kiwi Browsers should be your air and water as a writer with a goal.


Never lack new ideas as a writer. Writers who read are ranked higher than others. You cannot write what you are clueless of. Read  fellow writers article’s and beyond. Also read magazines, newsletters, documents, journals related to your keywords as this places your article higher than others.


A lot of writers spend so much time documenting that they fail to proof read their articles. This can cause so much harm to the reader and shows highest level of incompetence in dispensing knowledge by the writer.

One outstanding quality for every high ranking article on Google is Accuracy in Speech- less/ no typographical error. Remoulding grants the writer the opportunity to correct unseen mistakes while writing.

Bonus Point:

Have a high ranking writer’s mindset. This saying that “ Your thinking influences your life” is not a myth or some unreal sentence. It is real and active. Your mindset determines the words you choose as a writer.

It also determine how you approach each writing job. A skilled man with a poor mindset will do so poor in writing than an unskilled man with a positive mindset. How well do you see the writer in you?


What Articles rank higher on Google?

Picking up a topic for an article to rank high on Google, can be really tiring to some writers yet others get paid. What then is the secret? Are they more intelligent than the rest?

The only answer is HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. Aside writing for passion, put more effort in standardizing your article. Only HIGH QUALITY CONTENT rank higher on Google.

How long does it take an article to rank higher on Google?

This is to our newbie writers who lack patience or are already frustrated in writing. It take approximately 90-180 days for an article to rank on Google through SEO, after rigorous competition and popularity of keywords used.

How can I improve my page SEO?

Create off-site SEO back links as this enable ones article to rank high on Google. Also make use of keywords in order to Improve your page SEO; avoid its excessive usage.

In conclusion, Nothing is impossible for a man with a teacheable spirit . This 5 tips can take you from a low position to a higher one in writing.

See you at the top, Writers!



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