Refurb Blowout Offers iPad Deals from Just $120 At Woot

Refurb Blowout offers iPad deals from just $120 at Woot but however for a limited time only. With this deal, you get to save on everything ranging from entry-level iPad to the recent iPad Pro models.

Refurb Blowout Offers iPad Deals from Just $120 At Woot

Refurb Blowout Offers iPad Deals from Just $120 At Woot

Apple iPads as you should already know are powerful and really sleek devices that come packed with excellent features and specs, and several models of the iPad have earned spots in the list of the best tablets over the years. Apple tablets however have one major setback and that is that they are very pricey. But if however, you don’t mind a couple of imperfections, then a refurbished model can be an excellent medium for saving some cash.

Woot at the moment has various refurbished models of iPads on sale with pricing starting as low as $120. And with that being said, you can now take advantage of these deals now all through to January 26 while supply last.

Affordable Tablets in the Sale Selection

The most affordable tablet in the selection is the sixth-gen iPad from apple at $120. And going by the standards of today, it is not particularly powerful with its A9 chip but it is however still very much capable of running the latest iPadOS software and will also serve you excellently as a tablet for browsing or even streaming content online, or as a cheap tablet for your kids. Sticking under the $200 mark, you could go for the 9.7-inch iPad pro which offers users a slightly more powerful A9X chip and reported improved camera hardware.

More Recent iPad Pro Models Are Available in the Sale

If on the other hand, you have got little to no room in your budget, many more recent iPad Pro models are available in the sale with prices starting from $530. And not only will these devices offer lasting features by the virtue of being newer pieces of hardware, but they also sport bigger screens at 11 or 12.9 inches. You should also know that devices from 208, 2020, and 2021 are all on sale.

What You Should Know About The iPads In the Selection

You should however keep in mind that the iPads that are added in this very sale have been rated as scratch and dent-grade refurbs. And this simply means that the devices may from time to time show regular signs of tears and wears, but they have however been tested and ensured to be working in full condition. Additionally, your acquisition comes with a 90-day Woot limited warranty, in the event that anything goes wrong.


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