5 Brain Exercises to Boost Your Memory

Did you know that there are 5 brain exercises to boost your memory? Here in this article, you’d get to know how to boost your memory at ease.

5 Brain Exercises to Boost Your Memory

5 Brain Exercises to Boost Your Memory

The Human Brain is a large organ aa over a million gigabytes of storage capacity. There is a segment of the  Human Brain called the Hippocampus which is a vulnerable segment of the brain that is in charge of memory and learning.

It is able to contain information to a larger extent but its tendency to forgetfulness is quite rank higher than the computer.  The Human Brain requires certain exercises to aid its retentive memory and easy accessibility to stored information.

Below are 5 Brain exercises to boost your memory;

Observation Exercises

Most online brain exercises play little role in boosting the retentive capacity of the brain. One realistic brain exercise is Observation. Take a walk either on a sunny day or at the cool of the night, and look into the details of passers-by: the color of their dress, hair, shoes, etc. Pick up little details you can get from observation and try to remember them a few minutes later.

Repeat Statements Made by Others In Your Mind

Talking to one’s self is a brain exercise channeled to retention. Engage yourself in meaningful conversation, try to repeat word for word what the speaker is saying beneath your breath, and keep repeating it till you finally get it.

Another way you can do this, listen to a message with an airpod, earphone, or speaker, pause it, and try to repeat the exact words, and lyrics made by the speaker. One, two, or three practices and your brain begins to recall past experiences, books read, etc.

Learn a Skill

Most brains are not exposed to learning new skills, foreign languages, etc hence losing their retentive capacity gradually.  In every stage of your life, learn a new skill either in graphics designing, software engineering, copywriting, etc. There are a thousand and one skills you can acquire to boost your memory this season. Employ these skills today to boost your memory!


Your ability to meditate daily is a sign of a healthy brain. Research has scientifically proven countless times how meditating fosters longevity of the brain and aids in memory. Daily meditation is a brain exercise to boost your memory. There are a few things to consider before you begin this exercise

  • Select a calm environment for this exercise
  • Sit properly while you begin this exercise
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Constantly bring your mind back: as you journey in this exercise, your mind tends to wander but your consistency in readjusting your mind aids in boosting your memory.

Paying Chess

The game of Chess is a brain exercise that requires meditation, analyzing countersteps toward the opponent, visualizing the positions of the chess pieces on the board, etc. The more you engage in playing Chess and become a pro in it, the more you boost your memory capacity. Play a chess game this week and share your experience!


Why do I forget easily in my early 20s?

It is believed and has been scientifically proven that at an older age, the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease are high. In the early 20s, forgetfulness is not diagnosed as Alzheimer’s though we have “young-onset Alzheimer’s”. Depression, stress, and Anxiety are triggered by to sponsor’s loss of memory and inability to have long-term memory storage. As a young adult less than 65 of age, reduce your stress chances, avoid emotional traumas, etc.

Can I buy drugs to aid my memory?

If you are in this category and are confused about how to go about the frequent loss of memory, it is best advised to see a pharmacist or any certified healthcare personnel before getting self-medicated drugs.

The Internet has made available so much information regarding our health that we no longer value seeking medical advice from healthcare professionals. Yes, you can get “Nootropics” drugs to aid your memory but seek counsel before you proceed.

Which foods aid in boosting my memory?

Foods like Fatty fish, Blueberries, Green tea, Nuts, Coffee, Eggs, Tomatoes, Leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, and other foods rich in antioxidants capacity, omega-3-fatty acids, Pyridoxine, Cobalamin, etc. These are a few foods to aid our memory storage.

Does stress affect my weight?

Still, on the subject of stress, so many ideologies about its effect on weight loss seem untrue. Stress aids in producing a stress hormone known as cortisol which can either increase or decrease your appetite. Most persons aid weight when stressed while others tend to grow thinner each day.  Yes, stress affects your weight!

What are the Benefits of a Healthy Brain?

More attention should be shown to our brain and health in general. There are a lot of benefits of a healthy brain, they include; proper concentration, swift assimilation, mood readiness, the longevity of life span, proper metabolism, etc. A healthy brain is a healthy body!



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