5 Must-Have Dirt Bike Safety Gears You Cannot Avoid

5 Must-Have Dirt Bike Safety Gears You Cannot Avoid. Riding a dirt bike is a thrill in itself. Whether you own it for racing on tracks or cruising through all kinds of terrain, safety and maintenance are inevitable!

5 Must-Have Dirt Bike Safety Gears You Cannot Avoid

Just like wearing helmets and a jacket, having the right set of accessories for your speedy two-wheeler is important.

5 Must-Have Dirt Bike Safety Gears You Cannot Avoid

Though the options are practically endless on the internet, trying to dig down deep through the essentials may seem potentially daunting.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 essential dirt bike accessories that would protect you and your bike while enhancing your riding experience.

Neck Braces

Neck braces, in the world of motorbikes, are intended to avoid injuries to the neck and spine by minimising the compression the rider feels during a collision. It doesn’t restrict your movement when it’s positioned between the helmet and the shoulder. While they do aid in hyperextension, the primary spinal compression protection provided by a neck brace is what keeps you safe. Although they are a crucial piece of safety equipment, braces are often uncomfortable to wear while riding.

Skid Plates

Any additional barriers you may come across on a path, like rocks or logs, have the potential to seriously damage your bike’s engine and bottom if they are not covered. Even deadly brush fires can be avoided by having a good skid plate from MXstore on your motorbike. The skid plate’s construction material is entirely up to your budget and personal taste, but whatever you choose, make sure it will fit the model of your bike. Avoiding such a necessary component may require costly maintenance or perhaps render your engine completely dysfunctional.


Even though they could be underrated, owning one could protect you from lateral and torsion injuries. As a dirt rider, you frequently use your legs and feet, which are in great danger of injury. Although it may take some time to get used to the stiffness of dirt boots, they are made for maximum protection. A firm TPU protection around the shin for increased levels of abrasion resistance and impact protection can be found in a high-quality pair of boots.

Heavy Duty Tubes

What if one of your bike tyres bursts amid the trail? Not even in their worst nightmare does anyone want it to happen! No matter how well you patch a tyre puncture, the repair will only hold up for a short period. In the long run, it’s less expensive and annoying to simply replace your tubes. No matter how well you patch a tyre puncture, the repair will only hold up for a short period. You might need to purchase better tyres if you’re going to upgrade your tyres with tubes. Making the appropriate tyre tube selections could ultimately improve your riding experience.

Exhaust Plug

Dirt bikes, as the name suggests, get dirty easily and quickly. Although cleaning them is a pain, it is necessary to do so to stop corrosion and wear. Likely, your bike won’t start the next time you take it for a ride if water gets into the engine when you’re washing it. An exhaust plug will keep this scenario at bay. It prevents rusting of the exhaust port and stops water from entering your engine through the exhaust port.


So, that’s a wrap to the essential safety gear and equipment that a rider must have! Whether you’re about to start in the dirt segment or just looking for some additional accessories, having a better understanding of the basics will set you up for success.

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