Nvidia RTX 4090 And 4080 Gaming Laptop Prices Reportedly Spotted

Nvidia RTX 4090 and 4080 gaming laptop prices were reportedly spotted and they are set to make your wallet cower. Now the question here is how much is too much for a high-end Lovelace wallet?

Nvidia RTX 4090 And 4080 Gaming Laptop Prices Reportedly Spotted

Nvidia RTX 4090 And 4080 Gaming Laptop Prices Reportedly Spotted

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 and 4080 are set to make their laptop debuts soon, and with that, we have seen a glimpse of their pricing thus underlighting just how expensive notebooks sporting these GPUs will be, most especially in the case of the Lovelace flagship. The new prices as per Micro Center, which at the moment is listing MSI gaming laptops as reported by Wccftech, with the top model being the MSI Titan with the RTX 4090.

This portable as you should know weighs in at a rather monstrous $4,700 in the United States as well as packing the mighty Core i9-13980HX processor, which is the Intel Raptor lake flagship.

And for the MSI Raider 17 with the RTX 4080 laptop graphics card, the version with 32GB of DDR5 system RAM plus 2TB SSD sells at $3,300, but you will however have to pay $4,000 in the event that you want 64GB of RAM and the same 2TB SSD.

RTX 4090 And 4080 Laptops Would Kick Things Off From $1,999

If you remember, Nvidia said that the RTX 4090 and 4080 laptops would kick things off from $1,999 in the United States, but taking a look at the pricing presented here, it is considerably above that sort of level if you are looking for high-end gaming on the go with a Lovelace powerhouse GPU.

The good news here in regards to pricing is that for Lovelace GPUs underneath the top two which here are the RTX 4050 through to 4070, Nvidia said that the pricing would begin at $999, and looking at it, it’s not that far off. And MSI Katana 15 with an RTX 4060 retails for $1,200 at Micro Center.

The Brand New Katana 15 Price

The RTX 4050 spin of the brand new Katana 15 is not any cheaper and this is mainly because it peps up the CPU to a Raptor Lake Core i7 and it also doubles the size SSD to 1TB. So with that being said, the choice here is GPU versus CPU plus more storage space.


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