How Xiaomi 13T Pro Outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Xiaomi 13T Pro challenged my inner brand snob when the Beijing-based tech giant provided a review unit to Mashable.

How Xiaomi 13T Pro Outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max
How Xiaomi 13T Pro Outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Although I believed I was brand agnostic, the reality is that I caught myself dismissing the 13T Pro because Xiaomi doesn’t belong to the top three U.S. smartphone giants: Apple, Google, and Samsung. However, it’s time to broaden my perspective. Globally, Xiaomi is competing closely with major players like Samsung and Apple.

How Xiaomi 13T Pro Outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Given the phone’s regional origins, I wondered if our American readers could acquire the Xiaomi 13T Pro. It appears they can, but they need to order it from third-party sellers, such as Amazon.

Despite my initial doubts, I opted to give the Xiaomi 13T Pro a chance. After spending a week with it, I’m genuinely surprised by its performance. In a few instances—with “few” being the key word — it even outperforms my iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Before we proceed, let’s examine the price and specifications of the Xiaomi 13T Pro.

Price and Availability of Xiaomi 13T Pro

The tested Xiaomi 13T Pro is priced at $699 on Amazon and features:

  • 12GB of RAM
  • 512GB of storage
  • MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ processor

Contrast this with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, which comes with a hefty price tag of $1,599 on Apple’s official website. Here are its specifications:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 1TB of storage
  • A17 Pro chipset

Now that you have a quick look at the internals of both phones, let’s discuss the impressive ways the Xiaomi 13T Pro outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro Surpasses the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Battery Life

For Android phones, we usually employ PCMark 10 to assess battery life. However, the challenge is that PCMark 10 doesn’t support iOS. Consequently, I needed an alternative method to test the energy efficiency of both phones. Thus, I opted for a TikTok rundown test. Setting both phones’ brightness to the maximum, I ran the TikTok app in a loop until they depleted their battery.

Here are the durations for both phones:

Xiaomi 13T Pro: 11 hours and 5 minutes

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 10 hours and 50 minutes

Both phones boast excellent battery lives, with the Xiaomi 13T Pro outlasting the iPhone 15 Pro Max by 15 minutes. While this isn’t a substantial difference, honestly, I didn’t anticipate the Xiaomi 13T Pro to come close to the battery endurance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Yet, I shouldn’t be overly surprised, considering the Xiaomi 13T Pro has a larger battery (5,000 mAh vs. 4,441 mAh).

The Xiaomi 13T Pro Features Ultra-fast Charging

The Xiaomi 13T Pro includes a powerful 120W charging brick, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn’t come with a charging brick at all.

However, there’s an issue with the charging brick included in the box—it isn’t compatible with North American wall outlets; it seems designed for the EU. Nevertheless, I have a non-Xiaomi 120W charging brick that I used to fast-charge the 13T Pro, and as Xiaomi claims, it charged to 100% in less than 20 minutes.

Even though the iPhone 15 Pro Max has finally switched to USB-C from the Lightning port, it still offers 20W charging speeds. Charging the iPhone 15 Pro Max to 50% takes about 30 minutes, considerably slower than the Xiaomi 13T Pro.

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