How to Apply for Greentech Latin America Program 2024

The Greentech Latin America Program 2024 heralds a new era of innovation and growth, aimed at nurturing startups with pioneering solutions, this program is designed for the region’s sustainable development.

Greentech Latin America Program 2024

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the Greentech LatAm 2024 emerges as a vital initiative, offering a platform for entrepreneurs to address pressing issues and drive positive change.

Greentech Latin America – Overview

The Greentech Latin America Program is designed to empower startups with the tools and resources needed to thrive in sustainable business, this program embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned mentors and fostering a culture of continuous learning, the program equips participants with the skills and insights required to navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

The Greentech Latin America Program provides access to mentorship, financial analysis, media exposure, networking opportunities, and continued learning. Additionally, the program offers a holistic approach to support startup growth and success.

Through tailored guidance and support, participants are poised to unlock their full potential and make a lasting impact on their communities and the planet.

Benefits of Greentech Latin America

  • Mentorship: Participants of the Greentech Latin America Program 2024 have the unique opportunity to engage with prominent investors, strategic partners, customers, and fellow founders. This invaluable mentorship fosters personal and professional growth, providing participants with guidance, insights, and connections that can propel their ventures to new heights.
  • Financial Analysis: Through the program, participants gain access to experienced investment analysts who offer personalized coaching on building financial models, identifying unit economics, and leveraging financial metrics to drive business growth and investor confidence.
  • Media Exposure: In today’s digital age, visibility is paramount. As part of the program, participants benefit from exposure on Village Capital’s program website and other communications channels, amplifying their reach and attracting potential investors, customers, and collaborators.
  • Networking: Connections are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. By joining the Greentech Latin America Program 2024, participants gain access to a diverse and inclusive network of mentors, founders, investors, and industry experts. These connections not
  • Continued Learning: Through live and asynchronous sessions tailored to a virtual learning environment, participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, refine their skills, and stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s identifying early milestones, preparing for the next round of capital, or planning for expansion, the program equips participants with the insights and tools needed to succeed.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Greentech Latin America Program 2024, startups must meet the following criteria:

  • Legal incorporation and operations as a for-profit entity in one of the specified countries.
  • Market-based solutions addressing sustainability challenges in Latin America.
  • Have a minimum of one full-time founder based in Latin America.
  • Compliance with local fiscal and business laws.
  • The startup must have a minimum viable product (MVP) and less than USD 1M raised in equity.
  • Startups must have business validation, including successful pilot studies, user traction, or strategic partnerships.

Who Should Apply

The Greentech Latin America Program 2024 welcomes startups across various sectors, including:

  • Cleantech and Climate Tech
  • Agtech and Food Security
  • Circular and Regenerative Economy
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Water, Sanitation, and Health

How to Apply

To apply for the Greentech Latin America Program 2024;

For more information, visit the official website at

Program Timeline

  • MARCH 4, 2024: Applications open
  • MAY 10, 2024: Applications close
  • JULY, 2024: Cohort selection
  • AUGUST 5-9, 2024: Online workshop 1
  • AUGUST 26-30, 2024: Online workshop 2
  • SEPTEMBER 16-20, 2024: Online workshop 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main goal of the Greentech Latin America Program?

The main goal of the program is to help startups identify early milestones and prepare for their next round of capital or expansion plans. Through virtual workshops, we deliver a targeted curriculum and provide connections to support startups on their growth journey.

Are we required to travel?

No. The program is completely virtual, and we require that at least one founder or C-suite member participate in all activities of each workshop. Additional team members are welcome to join remotely.

Is there equity requirements for participation?

No. The program does not take equity from participating startups. However, if financial considerations prevent a startup from participating, we encourage them to discuss their situation with us, and we will review it on a case-by-case basis.

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