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The Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 2024 is open to outstanding and brightest students from across Africa. This initiative not only shapes the future of AI research and engineering but also provides a platform for about 40 talented individuals to become Google DeepMind Scholars each academic year.

Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 2024 For African Students
Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 2024 For African Students

The Google DeepMind AI Scholarships program is funded by generous donations, it supports up to 40 scholars annually for four (4) years. This funding extends beyond traditional scholarships, as it covers full tuition, equipment, and computation costs.

The scholars, privileged as Google DeepMind scholars, gain unique opportunities to engage with the organization’s leading researchers and engineers, offering invaluable mentorship and support.

Google DeepMind AI Scholarships – Details

Google DeepMind recognizes the transformative power of diversity in shaping the future of AI. By increasing representation, the initiative aims to infuse diverse values, hopes, and concerns into the very fabric of AI development. This inclusivity is key to ensuring that AI becomes a technology that benefits everyone, making it one of the most crucial inventions of our time.

The scholarship program’s core mission is to fortify and broaden the AI community by supporting students from underrepresented groups pursuing graduate courses in AI and related fields. Scholars also receive guidance from a dedicated DeepMind mentor, along with opportunities to participate in leading AI conferences and DeepMind events.

Eligibility Requirements for Google DeepMind AI Scholarships

  • The call for applications is open to passionate students from across Africa with a keen interest in mathematics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • The program’s initial focus areas include AI and machine learning in cosmology, epidemiology, and ecology.
  • Selection criteria prioritize promising students from underrepresented groups. Ensuring they have the financial support needed to pursue postgraduate courses in AI.

Benefits of Google DeepMind AI Scholarships

  • Financial Support: Google DeepMind AI Scholarships are designed to provide scholars with full financial support, encompassing tuition, stipends or living costs, and grants for necessary equipment. Scholars will receive financial backing for the entire duration of their study.
  • Educational Opportunities: In cases where graduate funding is already available through the university or department. DeepMind scholarships serve as a supplement. This additional support enables scholars to focus more intently on their studies.

How to Apply for Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 

The Scholarship awards are facilitated directly by participating universities offering AI-related courses.

Information about upcoming DeepMind scholarships is made available by these universities when opportunities arise.

Meanwhile, prospective applicants are urged to thoroughly review all aforementioned eligibility requirements before initiating the application process.

For more details please Visit the official AIMS South Africa page at

Application Deadline

Applicants should mark their calendars for the 29th of March 2024, with the deadline set at 11:59 PM SAST.



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