FuturArc Prize for Professionals & Students 2024 (Up to SGD20,500 Cash Prizes) – APPL NOW

If you are a professional or student with a creative approach to arts and science building design, specifically focused on innovative ideas and solutions for a sustainable future, then this opportunity is specifically tailored for you.

FuturArc Prize for Professionals & Students

FuturArc Prize for Professionals & Students

Established in 2008, the FuturArc Prize is the first international Green building design competition in Asia that welcomes participation from both professionals and students. Its primary goal is to inspire continuous change and encourage creativity in the field of building design, particularly in relation to sustainable practices.

Supported by a highly esteemed international jury and extensive industry backing, the Prize provides a platform for showcasing inventive ideas and solutions for a sustainable future in building design. The winning entries from the competition are featured in the annual Green edition of the Journal and also displayed on its website. As years pass, the competition continues to attract an increasing number of participants from over 15 countries.

Benefits of FuturArc Prize for Professionals & Students

There are attractive cash prizes up for grabs, totaling up to SGD20,500.

  • First Place:
  • FuturArc Prize Trophy
  • Certificates
  • Cash prize
  • Access to a two-year subscription of FuturArc digital magazine through the FuturArc app.
  • Second Place:
  • FuturArc Prize Trophy
  • Certificates
  • Cash prize
  • Access to a one-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine through the FuturArc app.
  • Third Place:
  • FuturArc Prize Trophy
  • Certificates
  • Cash prize
  • Access to a one-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine through the FuturArc app.
  • Merits (Multiple teams selected by the jurors):
  • Certificates
  • Cash prize
  • Access to a one-year subscription to FuturArc digital magazine through the FuturArc app.


Proposals must contain the following:

  • WHERE: Select a location within Asia, with a maximum site area of 5 hectares (50,000 square meters). This can be your current place of residence or any familiar location.
  • WHICH: Determine which scenario/s (A) Climate Destruction or B) Endings or both) will be addressed, based on the chosen site.
    • If A), identify and describe the specific climate disaster that would impact the selected site. Is it intense heat, extreme drought, or a rise in sea levels submerging land areas?
    • If B), clarify the context of the “endings.” Does it refer to the lifespan of humans, non-human organisms, or entire ecosystems?

Based on your choice, explain how the selected scenario/s affects the site’s context in terms of physical/spatial conditions, community/population conditions, socioeconomic conditions, and ecological/natural conditions.

  • WHAT: Propose a sustainable architectural solution that addresses the chosen scenario/s. These solutions can include new constructions or adaptations of existing buildings and can encompass various typologies.
  • HOW: Describe the implementation and execution of the proposed solution. Share the steps and methods through which the solution will be applied and carried out.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The FuturArc Prize 2024 welcomes participants from all over the world, whether they are individuals or teams, and whether they are students or professionals.
  • Teams can consist of a maximum of five members, who can come from different disciplines related to the competition. These members can be either students or professionals.
  • Once a team has submitted their entries, they are not allowed to switch or remove any team members. Each member can only be part of one team.
  • During registration, it is required to assign a team leader, who should have a background in architecture. This leader will act as the team’s representative in all communications with the competition registrar.
  • All team members will be considered co-authors of the project they submit together, and their contributions will be acknowledged in any announcements, displays, exhibitions, and publications related to the competition.
  • Individual entrants will be recognized as the sole authors of their submitted projects and will also receive acknowledgment in any announcements, displays, exhibitions, and publications associated with the competition.
  • Each individual entrant is responsible for representing themselves in all communications with the competition registrar.

Selection Criteria

The evaluation process will focus on a well-defined and comprehensive presentation of the following factors related to the assigned task:

  • The chosen scenario/s (climate disaster and/or ending of lifespans) and the proposed solution must be applicable to the specific site conditions and context, meeting the requirements of the design brief and functionality, supported by comprehensive analysis.
  • Consideration of various interconnected natural and human-made systems, such as climate responsiveness and resilience, socioeconomic factors, and more.
  • Assessment of how the suggested solution impacts the community and the environment, encompassing aspects like resource optimization, enhancement of health and well-being, preservation of biodiversity, and more.
  • Display of innovative ideas in the proposed solutions, which may include the incorporation of technological tools, application of regenerative principles, implementation of low-carbon strategies, and other creative approaches.


  • To participate, entries must be submitted using the provided template, which should consist of 5 panels per entry (4 for the design proposal and 1 for citations/references).
  • The maximum file size for all 5 panels is 15MB in A2 size and PDF format. If selected as a winner or merit, high-resolution individual images of the panels will be required.
  • The submission should comprise the complete site area, real images of the location, and precise geographic coordinates.
  • The images should only include drawings, rendered images, photographs, and thumbnails.
  • Graphic scales should be shown next to any drawings that require them for comprehension (such as plans or sections).
  • The content of the panels should be sufficient to clearly understand the proposal and should align with the stated evaluation criteria.
  • Any identifying details, such as team member names or practices, must not be displayed on the panels.
  • Entries should be submitted in English; entries in other languages will be disqualified.

How to Apply For FuturArc Prize  for Professionals & Students

  • To register, click on the banner within the FuturArc App. You can install the app from either the app store or play store.
  • Submit your materials by emailing them to the provided email address here.
  • When sending your email, please include the project name and your name (or the name of the team leader) in the subject line. For instance, you can use the following format: “Rebar House_Dinda Wijaya.”

For more information, visit FuturArc Prize.

Application Deadline

February 9, 2024.

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