Google Solution Challenge 2022 for Academic Students From All Over The World | How to Apply Now

Google Solution Challenge 2022 for Academic Students From All Over The World is now available to interested students. University Students from all over the world are invited by Google to apply for the Google Solution Challenge 2022, Google has announced an invitation to university students around the globe to join the competition with Google Developer Student Clubs.

Google Solution Challenge 2022 for Academic Students From All Over The World

Google Solution Challenge 2022 for Academic Students From All Over The World

Now, what is the Google Developer Student Clubs all about? Google Developer Student Clubs are community groups for college and university students who are interested in Google developer technologies.

The program is open to students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer. Taking an active part in a Google Solution Challenge would automatically advance the student’s growth in knowledge, also the peer-to-peer learning environment would help to build solutions for local businesses and their community. The Google Developer Student Club is a program that is supported by Google Developers.

About Google Solution Challenge

Have you been previously engaged in or ever given thoughts about establishing or building an application or tool that solves a major problem that’s being faced by your community? Even if this is not the case, you probably might have been inspired to create something that can help improve the lives of those you care about, especially those of your immediate surroundings. This year 2022, you have an opportunity to help persons around you which is a way of giving back to our communities.

Therefore, the Google Developer Student Clubs for the year 2022 (Google Solution Challenge) is available to help solve one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology.

This program was established by the United Nations in 2015 with a set target to be achieved by 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed upon by all United Nations Member States to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet. Keep reading as you will get to know how you can participate and win amazing perks and swags from Google.

Details of Google Solution Challenge 2022

The details of the Google Solution Challenge for the year 2022 are listed below:

  • The Application Deadline is 31st March 2022, late registration would mean automatic disapproval so you might want to apply earlier
  • About the Award: The 2022 Google Solution Challenge has a mission to solve for one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology as earlier mentioned in this post
  • Award Type: it is a Contest
  • Eligible Countries: Globally
  • Worth and Number of Google Solution Challenge: The Worth of this Challenge are as follows:

The Top 50 teams will receive mentorship from Google and other experts to improve and submit a solution for the top prize.

The Top 10 finalists will be awarded a 1-year subscription to Pluralsight, swag, additional customized mentoring from Google, and a feature in the Google Developers Blog and Demo Day live on YouTube.

The Top 3 winners will win all the prizes included in the Top 10 category along with a Chromebook and a coffee chat with a Google executive.

Requirements For Google Solution Challenge

Interested students should take note of the below eligibility criteria to determine their eligibility status before applying for the Challenge. Note that each solution is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 100.

  • IMPACT [60 points]

The entry, does it bring about a clear challenge focused on one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Do the explanations show clear specific Sustainable Development Goal targets that are being looked to solve?  [10]

What is the effectiveness of the solution in addressing the challenge identified by the team? [20]

What is the evidence of a next step if there are?

If the team were to proceed, do they display a plan for a future extension? [10]

What is the evidence that the solution has been thoroughly tested with real users if there are? [10]

What is the evidence that the solution was iterated based on user feedback? [10]

  • TECHNOLOGY [40 points]

The solution, does it implement all the technical components needed to solve the challenge? [10]

Has the team been able to clearly spelled out what Google technology they used and why, and also included guidance on how to run their code? [10]

Is the video demonstration clear enough to show the working solution and how a user will interact with the solution?

The demonstration, does it highlight how Google’s technologies are implemented and also mentions the value the technology provides the users? [10]

The team, have they made effective product and technical decisions for their solution? [10]

How to Apply for Google Solution Challenge for the year 2022

The application process for Google Solution Challenge are outlined just below

  • The step is to Learn and build, click this link to get details
  • The next step is Demo and submits by March 31, 2022,

Very Important! Please ensure that you go through all application requirements on the Award Webpage. You can Visit the Award Webpage for Details.


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