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Have you heard of the Georgia rental assistance program? If you haven’t, then this post is a must-read for you. If you are a Georgia resident, a landlord, or a tenant, you need to read the content of this post from start to finish.

Georgia Rental Assistance

Georgia Rental Assistance

If you are a renter in the state of Georgia and you have fallen behind on the payment of your rent as of the 13th of March 2020, then it may just be that you qualify for assistance in terms of your rent. This program, the Georgia rental assistance program can help provide for you up to 18 months of both utility and rental assistance.

The assistance or funds will be paid directly to landlords and service providers who are participating in the program on behalf of the tenants. Continue reading to find out if you qualify for the program. But before that, what is really is the Georgia rental assistance program?

What Is the Georgia Rental Assistance Program?

In the previous paragraphs of this post, I have given you an overview of what the program really is all about, but here is a more comprehensive look into what this assistance program is all about.

In the form of relief, the state of Georgia received $989 million from the U.S. treasury’s federal emergency rental assistance program. This fund was given to the state to help provide relief to families, individuals, and landlords who have had their finances impacted negatively since the 13th, of 2020, which is the start of the COVIDD-19 pandemic.

What Is The Georgia Rental Assistance For?

The funds shelved out will be used in utility and rental payments and this is also inclusive of other associated expenses. The program which opened in March 2021 will be administered by the Georgia department of community affairs (DCA).

The money or funds will be distributed directly to landlords and service providers where applicable. Eligible applicants will therefore receive up to 18 months of payment relief.

Individuals however will need to qualify for unemployment or have experienced hardship in their finances since March 13, 2021. Eligible applicants should also be able to demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or instability in housing and also have a household income at or below 80% of the area median income (AMI).

Tenant Requirements

For tenants to be eligible for this program, they must possess the requirements below;

  • State ID or passport as a means of identification.
  • Provide income documents for every adult age 18 or older in the household.
  • A copy of the lease.
  • Notice of past due rent or utility bills, provider, and also account number.
  • Attest to unemployment or show documents of reduction in income, significant costs, or hardship in finances due to or indirectly due to COVID-19.

That’s a review of the requirement for a tenant. To get the full requirements, check here.

Landlord Requirements

As a landlord, you will need the following set of requirements to be eligible for this program;

  • Identification can be in the form of a state ID or passport.
  • Proof of ownership or agreement/authorization to act on the behalf of the owner of the management company.
  • A statement of delinquent rent.
  • A W-9 and bank information for payment of ACH.

Check here to get all the requirements for landlords.

Georgia Rental Assistance Login

If you have already applied for this assistance program you can always log in to your account on the Georgia department of community affairs online page to check your progress at any time. To login to your account;

  • Go to Georgia Rental Assistance Login Page.
  • Enter your email address and the password associated with your account in the space provided for it.
  • Click on the login button after entering your details.

You will be logged into your account immediately but only if the login credentials you provided are correct. You can always click on the forgot password tab to reset your password and get access to your account in the event that you ever forgot your password.


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