Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Reporting Fellowships 2024 (Up to €6,000 Stipend) – APPLY NOW

To commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2024, EJN is excited to introduce a fresh year-long fellowship program designed for journalists. This program aims to enhance reporting in four key areas: climate change, biodiversity, the ocean, and One Health.

Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Reporting Fellowships

EJN is searching for outstanding environmental reporters to join this new fellowship initiative. The selected journalists will receive comprehensive journalistic training and mentorship, along with a quarterly salary stipend and financial support for story production, travel, and professional development opportunities.

Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Reporting Fellowships

Each of the four chosen Fellows will primarily focus on one specific area of environmental journalism which is climate change, biodiversity, the ocean, or One Health, and will have the chance to develop their skills and establish connections to become prominent figures in their respective reporting fields.

Furthermore, EJN Reporting Fellows will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and produce stories related to the other three thematic areas as well.


One fellowship will be granted for each thematic area of reporting, and interested journalists must indicate their preferred fellowship when applying. EJN Fellows who are selected for this unique opportunity will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Attend an orientation workshop organized by EJN, where they will enhance their reporting skills and get to know the other participating Fellows.
  • Receive mentorship from experienced senior journalists who specialize in each thematic area. This mentorship will provide one-on-one guidance, access to reporters’ resources, and editorial support for their reporting.
  • Develop expertise in the chosen thematic area by learning from and conducting interviews with experts in all four focus areas.
  • Enhance their reporting skills through training on various topics such as data journalism, Mobile Journalism (Mojo), solutions journalism, fact-checking, data visualization, and more.
  • Receive a quarterly stipend of 6,000 EUR to cover expenses related to story production and the Fellows’ time.
  • Receive an additional 6,000 EUR per Fellow for travel expenses, including attending conferences, traveling for story production, professional development opportunities, and other relevant purposes.
  • Engage in peer-to-peer learning and exchange with other Fellows, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are open to journalists working across various mediums such as online, print, television, multimedia, and new media. We strongly encourage both freelance reporters and staff from all kinds of media organizations – international, national, and local – to apply.

To be eligible for the EJN Reporting Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a professional journalist from a low- or middle-income country, representing an established media house.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in journalism.
  • Possess a demonstrated interest and experience in reporting on one of the four thematic areas, and provide recent, relevant journalistic work samples related to those topics, which can be shared as either documents or web links.
  • Be fully able to participate in a fellowship conducted in English. Note that applications will only be accepted in English.
  • Commit to actively participating in all fellowship activities, with the complete support of their media house.
  • Agree to be part of an online community with both current and future fellows.
  • Have reliable and consistent internet access (minimum 1.2Mbps) for virtual activities.
  • Submit a signed letter of support from an editor, producer, or supervisor, confirming their willingness to allocate sufficient time for the applicant to engage in all fellowship activities (equivalent to 2 days per week throughout the fellowship), and ensuring the publication or broadcast of reported work in an established media outlet. Freelancers are also welcome to apply but must include a letter of support from a media outlet they intend to report for. The template for this letter of support is provided here for freelancers and here for staffers.
  • Provide two signed professional references (letters of recommendation) from supervisors or professional acquaintances who are familiar with the applicant’s journalistic abilities, qualifications, training, and interests.

Judging Criteria   

They are seeking individuals who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated expertise in reporting on climate change, biodiversity, the ocean, and/or One Health subjects.
  • A long-term dedication to the journalism field and a commitment to continuing to report on these specific topics.
  • An affiliation with a reputable media organization, along with a signed letter of support from an editor/producer/supervisor confirming willingness to publish or broadcast any work produced during the fellowship.
  • EJN also takes into consideration the importance of assembling a diverse group of journalists from various media organizations, outlets, and geographical locations.

How To Apply For Earth Journalism Network (EJN) Reporting Fellowships 2024

  • To initiate the application process, please select “Apply now”
  • If you wish to start the application but would like to complete it later on, you can choose the “Save Draft” option. To access your saved progress, you will need to click on the “Apply now” button again.
  • If you already possess an account with us, you will be required to log in. However, please keep in mind that our website has recently undergone an update, so it is possible that you may need to reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link found on the login page.

For further information visit the official website.

Application Deadline

November 16, 2023.

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