Dropshare Cloud is Reportedly Shutting Down for macOS Users

Dropshare Cloud is reportedly shutting down for macOS users. This very month, Dropshare is set to turn off its very own cloud. The question here is what next for its users?

Dropshare Cloud is Shutting Down

Dropshare Cloud is Shutting Down

Dropshare has just confirmed that it will be retiring its cloud storage business after close to eight years of service, citing a slip in demand as well as the stiff competition as its main reasons. The company, Dropshare Cloud as you should know initially was introduced to the market in the year 2016, and it forms part of an in-house offering to help complement the macOS and iOS app of the company for cloud file management.

And by now, the Apple-focused app of Dropshare supports more than 27 different cloud services, so there is little to no need to offer its very own, helping the firm to focus directly on building its own customer experience.

Cost of Dropshare

Dropshare according to 9To5Mac began at €2 per month for 10GB. Users also paid €7.50 per month for the 100GB storage plan of the firm. Google’s Drives 100GB on the other hand is substantially cheaper at €1.99 per month.

Public Memo from Founders of the Platform

Founders Tim and Timo reportedly shared a public memo online in a bid to discuss the decision of the company:

“We decided to sunset the Dropshare Cloud storage service in favor of focusing to support all major cloud storage providers in the apps, those that you already might use and trust.”

Dropshare’s macOS and iOS Apps Support

Dropshare’s macOS and iOS apps support well-known cloud storage drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, and other business-oriented options such as Amazon S3 and Backblaze B2. Existing subscribers on the platform have been given until January 31 to effectively upload and download any files just before the service shuts off. New subscriptions to the platform have already been stopped.

What Will Happen To Existing and New Subscribers to the Service

9To5Mac also shared that files still on the service will be deleted from February and that subscribers in question will get a partial refund for any remaining period as well as a 50% discount on licenses to make use of the apps.

One license, which can be utilized on up to three Macs devices, costs $39 and covers versions 5.x. Each major release on the other hand commands a new payment, but users that are upgrading from version 4.x are eligible for a $14 discount.



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