Asus Zenbook Duo Laptop Features Dual 14-inch OLEDs for 20 Inches of Workspace

Asus Zenbook Duo laptop features dual 14-inch OLEDs for 20 inches of workspace. There are many laptops with OLED displays at the just concluded CES 2024, but the Duo in question is the only laptop with two 14-inch ones.

Asus Zenbook Duo Laptop Dual 14-Inch OLEDs

Asus Zenbook Duo Laptop Dual 14-Inch OLEDs

Asus often shows up at CES with some really interesting new devices and the 2024 show in question is no different. The firm already has announced a new gaming phone as well as a slew of gaming laptops, and now it has added new premium Zenbooks and mainstream Vivobooks to the roster of announcements.

The highlight is the latest Zenbook Duo dual-screen laptop from the company. While earlier models of the same lineup had one full display and then one smaller screen, this here is the very first with two full 14-inch OLED touchscreens, save for a concept that it made back in the year 2018.

Asus Zenbook Duo Laptop Dual 14-Inch OLEDs display

Each of the 16:10 displays of the Duo sports a 3K resolution as well as a 120Hz refresh rate, and with its very own 180-degree hinge, you get 19.8 inches of workspace in a package that has a weight of just under 3 pounds or 1.4 kilograms. This is not a two-in-one such as Lenovo’s Yoga Book from the previous year, but it however does lay flat and also can be utilized with the active pen of Asus.

Body and Design

The body in question has a wide kickstand that is built directly into the base of the laptop. This kickstand keeps it more stable than the origami stand Lenovo that is used for the Yoga Book 9i, and it also works with the laptop when positioned vertically or horizontally. And since the kickstand in question folds out from the bottom, you really don’t get to see it when you are making use of it as a laptop.

And since the laptop in question is all displays, there is no form of built-in keyboard. Instead, you get a slim Bluetooth keyboard to effectively and seamlessly connect wirelessly for use on a desk or even on a table to help take full advantage of the extra workspace. Or, it can be utilized on top of the base display to make use of it like a true laptop. And the keyboard on the other hand can be stored just between the screens when it is time to get up and go.

Specs and Features

For what is inside of the laptop, you will be able to get the new Zenbook Duo with up to an Intel Core Ultra 9 H-series CPU, 32GB of memory, and then up to 1TB of storage space. Ports on the other hand is inclusive of two Thunderbolt 4, a USB Type-A, HDMI out, and then a headphone jack.

Price and Availability

Asus has revealed that the laptop will be available sometime in Q1 with a kick-off price of about $1,500.



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