The Ayaneo Lite Is Set To Launch Soon

The Ayaneo Lite is set to launch soon, but even with that we still don’t know much about it. With this very development, it simply means that the very first Steam Deck competitor with SteamOS will soon be upon us.

The Ayaneo Lite launch

The Ayaneo Lite launch

The very first non-valve device featuring SteamOS preinstalled is all set to ship. Ayaneo just recently announced that its next handheld gaming PC which is known as the Next Lite will be running the open-source operating system.

Ayaneo is reportedly pitching the Next Lite as a cost-effective option, but we really don’t know too much regarding the device just yet or just how much it will cost. We do know that it has a seven-inch 800p screen, a 47Wh battery, as well as Hall effect joysticks, as per an Ayaneo blog post. The firm is also advertising “vibrant colors” that is inclusive of a good-looking seafoam green and “high-end craftsmanship.”

But we also don’t yet know what chip helps power the handheld, so it is difficult to know just how its performance might stack up against other devices.

Ayaneo Listing Price

Not listing a price feels very much like a big omission if the device will be marketed as a potentially cheaper option than other handhelds that are currently on the market. It could well be going up against the remaining stock of $349 Steam Decks from Valve, while the existing Ayaneo Next in question sells for $1,315.

Subscriptions for the Handheld Will Open on Thursday Night

The firm is at the moment advertising that “subscriptions” for the handheld will open on Thursday night, therefore creating the possibility of a different pricing approach than just a one-time purchase or crowdfunding. If it is that you are interested, these subscriptions as you should know will be available at 9:30 PM ET on January 11th on Ayaneo’s website. If also it is that you want to know just how we have liked other Ayaneo handhelds, check out these reviews of the Ayaneo Next and Ayaneo 2.



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