Hyperkin Now Has a Handheld Sega Genesis That Plays Original Carts

Hyperkin now has a handheld Sega Genesis that plays original carts. The Mega 95 as it is called is reportedly equipped with a five-inch screen and can also be docked to a TV set if it is that you want to play on a big screen with additional controllers also plugged in.

Hyperkin Handheld Sega Genesis

Hyperkin Handheld Sega Genesis

The Mega 95 as it is known is a new gaming handheld from Hyperkin that is reportedly designed to play original Sega Genesis as well as Mega Drive cartridges. The device is equipped with a five-inch display that has a toggle to effectively help switch between 4:3 and 16:9 modes, as well as a battery that the company says should last up to 10 hours per every charge.

What You Need To Know About the Handheld

The handheld as you should know looks to be a portable version of the MegaRetroN HD Gaming Console from Hyperkin, which is the existing Genesis-compatible retro console that was released back in 2018 and which now retails for $59.99. The press release of Hyperkin doesn’t really go into detail regarding how the Mega 95 runs its classic Genesis titles, but the MegaRetroN HD in question reportedly makes use of a hardware emulation approach with quality on the other hand that sits somewhere between a software emulator as well as the premium FPGA-based system that is used in Analogue’s Mega Sg home console.

And although the Mega 95 is reportedly designed primarily as a handheld system, there is also a USB-C dock available to users that will allow them to plug into a TV and which sports ports to plug in additional controllers. Every single Mega 95 comes with a dock.

Pricing, Availability and Release Date

The pricing or a release date for the Mega 95 is still yet to be announced, but for reference reasons, the handheld Super NES emulation machine of Hyperkin currently sells for $119.99. and with any luck to go with it, that could mean that the Mega 95 ends up being more easily accessible and affordable and also available than the Analogue Pocket.



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