HPE Closes In On Billion-Dollar Deal to Acquire Juniper Networks

HPE closes in on a billion-dollar deal to acquire Juniper Networks. Many people have thought about the reason for this deal all through. Well, it just may not be farfetched as AI ambitions may well be at the root of the reported $13 billion HPE-Jupiter deal.

HPE to Acquire Juniper Networks

HPE to Acquire Juniper Networks

HPE is currently closing in on a multi-billion dollar deal to purchase Juniper Networks as the firm looks set to boost its AI ambitions. The deal in question which is reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) could just be announced within the next couple of days, thus making it the very first significant buy of the year 2024.

This development if it is to push through would also be one of the highest-value tech industry takeovers in the most recent years, thus highlighting the importance and significance of machine learning and AI to the big players in the market and industry.

HPE which is famous for its cloud offerings was reportedly spun off from HP, its parent company back in 2015, with the latter in question reportedly focusing on its famous hardware portfolio spanning PCs, laptops, printers, and so many other computing accessories.

What You Need To Know About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks founded way back in 1996, has now grown rapidly in the past couple of decades due to its successful networking product line-up which is inclusive of routers, switches, and even down to security products, which have become a common sight in technology as well as telecoms companies around the globe.

But the firm as you should know also runs Mist AI, which is its increasingly popular AI and machine learning business, which in question has been working on making use of the technology to improve and even optimize wireless access for users all over the globe.

The company just recently announced a couple of new products and features for its Connected Security portfolio, thus making extending security services as well as Zero Trust policies across distributed data centers even much easy.

Juniper Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture

The new products as you should know are known as Juniper Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture, and they in question integrate the unified security management paradigm of the company with proprietary routing and AI-predictive threat prevention. And as a result of this, data centers all over the world can experience improved operational simplicity and scale.



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