People’s Tax Relief Review – Is People’s Tax Relief Recommended?

If you’re struggling with IRS tax debt, services like Peoples’ Tax Relief promise to help through negotiation and settlement. But you may ask if this company is the right choice for your situation.

People’s Tax Relief Review
People’s Tax Relief Review

Do not worry, this article provides a look at People’s Tax Relief’s review, fees, reputation, and more to help you know if it is the right one for you and help you make an informed decision.

Overview of People’s Tax Relief

Founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, CA, Peoples’ Tax Relief specializes in tax debt relief solutions. They advertise heavily across TV, radio, and the web. The company states they have resolved over $150 million in IRS tax debt for over 100,000 satisfied clients.

Tax Relief Services Offered

Peoples’ Tax Relief provides a range of tax resolution services including:

  • Tax debt negotiation and settlement – With this service, you can work to reduce the total amount owed through OIC, penalty abatement, etc.
  • Installment agreements – With this, you can set up a monthly payment plan with the IRS.
  • Currently non-collectable status – It also allows you to pause IRS collections temporarily if you have financial hardship.
  • Wage and bank levy releases – You have the opportunity to negotiate to remove active levies draining your accounts.
  • Federal tax lien removal – You can work to get the IRS lien withdrawn after paying tax debt.
  • Audit defence – Representation during IRS audits.
  • Filing prior year returns – You can prepare unfiled past returns if needed.

Client Qualifications and Requirements

To become a Peoples’ Tax Relief client, you must:

  • Owe at least $7,500 in back taxes.
  • Have personal income tax debt (no business tax debt).
  • Have filed all required tax returns previously.

So, they cater to individuals with substantial personal IRS tax burdens needing help resolving them.

Fees and Cost Structure

Peoples’ Tax Relief charges no upfront fees. Their average fee is around $4,000 total for tax debt under $50k based on enrolled debt and state. Additional fees apply for state tax representation and certain services.

Their tiered fee structure charges a percentage of the total enrolled debt. For example, debts between $10k-$25k have a fee of 20% of the total owed.

Clients can make monthly payments for fees over 12-24 months. Overall pricing is competitive but read the fine print.

Pros of Choosing People’s Tax Relief

Some advantages include:

  • Strong experience negotiating IRS settlements.
  • Higher satisfaction ratings than some lower-rated competitors.
  • Payment plans are available for their fees.
  • Free consultation provides quotes with no upfront cost.

For simpler tax issues under $50k, they can provide relief but may charge extra for more complex resolutions.

Cons and Considerations

Some downsides to weigh:

  • Mixed reviews on customer service and communication once enrolled.
  • They have not sought accreditation from the BBB, AFCC, or other tax organizations.
  • Clients report some upsells of add-on services that may not provide additional value.

How Does People’s Tax Relief Work?

If you decide to hire Peoples’ Tax Relief, here is an overview of what to expect:

  • You’ll speak to a tax consultant for a free initial consultation. They will gather details on your tax debt situation to prepare a quote.
  • If you choose to enrol, you’ll provide documentation so they can verify your tax debt and prepare your case.
  • A tax attorney takes over your case. They contact the IRS and negotiate reduced settlements or instalment plans on your behalf.
  • It typically takes 2-12 months for them to come to a resolution agreement depending on complexity.
  • Peoples’ Tax Relief keeps you updated on progress and any requests needed throughout the process.
  • Once resolved, the IRS sends you verification of the altered tax amount owed or payment plan details.

While each case is unique, Peoples’ Tax Relief streamlines the process as much as possible by taking over communications with the IRS for you.

Is People’s Tax Relief Recommended?

For taxpayers with straight-forward IRS personal income tax debt under $50,000, Peoples’ Tax Relief offers a reasonable option for debt relief through settlement or installment agreements. Just be prepared to be proactive with following up for responses.

Those with more complex tax issues may prefer an AFCC accredited firm or tax attorney. As with any company, read reviews carefully, understand full pricing, and compare competitors before deciding. Peoples’ Tax Relief can make sense for certain situations but may not be the best fit for all.


This article on Peoples’ Tax Relief review provides the insights you need to make progress in paying up the IRS tax you owe.

To know if it is right for you, you have to research People’s Tax Relief. This is a great start to exploring tax debt resolution services. And consult a tax professional for advice catered to your unique tax and financial circumstances. With the right help, you can resolve IRS debt and regain peace of mind.



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