Anker’s Powered-Up Soundcore Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Is Set to Come In February

Anker’s powered-up Soundcore Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is set to come in February. The popular value boom box speaker from Anker is reportedly getting an upgrade. The device in question is set to arrive in the coming month for a fee of $130.

Anker’s Powered-up Soundcore Boom 2

Anker’s Powered-up Soundcore Boom 2

Anker at CES 2024 has announced a couple of new charging products alongside a handful of smart home devices from the company’s Eufy brand. When it comes to the company’s Soundcore audio line, it has so far been quiet, which is inclusive of speakers and headphones, but it however did unveil one new Bluetooth speaker which is the Soundcore Boom 2. The device as you should know is reportedly set to ship in the middle of February and it carries a list price of $130.

The Original Soundcore Motion Boom

The original Soundcore Motion Boom is liked by many, which as you should know made the list of some of the best speakers and was also one of the better boom box Bluetooth speaker values over the last couple of years as it sells around $80. The company (Anker) also released the step-up Motion Boom Plus, which got a CNET Editors Choice award in the year 2022.

Specs and Features of the Boom 2

I really haven’t listened to the new Boom 2 (one which Anker dropped “Motion” from its name), but it has however double the power rating of the original, so it should, with that, play louder, kick out more bass and also presumably offer better clarity at higher volumes. The new book box also has a few built-in LED lights to effectively help create that party vibe. And just as I said, it lists for $130 (that is $30 more than the list price of the Motion Boom), but I suspect that it will sell for closer to $100.

That said, here are the key specs of the Boom 2, according to Anker;

  • BassUp technology
  • 60W Output
  • Two tweeters as well as one subwoofer
  • Passive radiator with additional dual LED lights
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life
  • IPX7-rated (waterproof) with a floatable design
  • Built-in power bank (USB out)
  • PartyCast 2.0 — connect up to 100 speakers
  • Price: $130
  • Ship date: Middle of February

That’s it.



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