Sega Genesis Mini 2 US Release Date Confirmed

Sega recently confirmed the US release date for its Genesis Mini 2. This compact console’s appearance was built based on the second version of the Sega Genesis called the Sega Mega Drive II available in Europe – that was released in 1993.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 US Release Date Confirmed

The U.S release date for its Genesis Mini 2 has been confirmed by Sega. The compact console’s appearance is based on the second version of the Sega Genesis called the Sega Mega Drive II Europe which was launched in 1993.

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Sega Genesis Mini 2 US Release Date Confirmed

The launch is a follow-on to 2019’s Sega Genesis Mini, which was launched alongside 42 games pre-loaded. The original Genesis Mini’s games list included classics from the era like “Castlevania: Bloodlines,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Altered Beast,” ‘Streets of Rage II,” and “Road Rash II.”

Sega’s CD era

The game successor has promised to boost the number of included games to over 50 and it includes titles from Sega’s CD era. The included games also happen to be a part of a “Brand-new” lineup, according to the company, so fans should not have to worry about overlap with their previous Genesis Mini if they are not sure about purchasing both devices.

Also, there is what Sega Says is a previously unreleased game that was included in the package, though details on exactly what game this is and why it never made it to store shelves in the early ‘90s are yet to emerge.

The mini-Versions of the classic consoles have surged in popularity over the past years. The small devices are expected to usually look like a small version of the classic console that they are emulating and tend to come with several pre-loaded games. Nintendo decided to kick off the craze with NES and SNES classics, and Sony would follow soon with their PlayStation Classic.

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Released Confirmed AlongSide Amazon Leak

The release was confirmed about an hour after Amazon leaked the release date of the console. It is not the first time that Amazon accidentally revealed details of products in recent weeks; the company also released details of the Nothing Phone’s Price in European countries in late June.

Sega Japan has finally confirmed that the Genesis 2 is an Amazon Exclusive, and pre-orders can now be placed. The console’s North American release date set for October 27, 2022, is just one of the many details Sega japan has confirmed on the genesis Mini 2’s website. Another major important thing for you to note is that the pre-orders would only seem to be available for an import version of the console from Amazon Japan’s website.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 Compatibility

The device is expected to ship with a six-button control pad, though the controllers that were originally on the Sega Genesis Mini 2 would also be compatible. When it comes to connectivity, the device will have an HDMI port and an HDMI cable which is included in the box along with a USB power adapter and a power cord. Graphically, the Sega Genesis box along with a USB power adapter and a power cord.

When it comes to graphics, the Mini 2 is a 16-bit console just like the original console. When it comes to audio, the console boasts a “Built-in digital sound and stereo music synthesizer.” Confirmed titles found on the new mini console include “Sonic CD,” “Bonanza Brothers,” “Splatterhouse 2,” “Virtua Racing,” and “Shining Force CD.”

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