The Apple Vision Pro 2 is Reportedly Tipped to Feature More Advanced and Brighter Displays

The Apple Vision Pro 2 is reportedly tipped to feature more advanced and brighter displays. That said, continue reading this piece to know everything that there is to know regarding what’s coming.

Apple Vision Pro 2 Advanced and Brighter Displays

Apple Vision Pro 2 Advanced and Brighter Displays

With the Apple Vision Pro reportedly due to go on sale in the coming set of weeks, we are currently looking forward to properly testing it out, but the rumors and leaks on the other hand have already started in regards to what Apple might do for a follow-up to the mixed reality headset.

According to market research firm Omdia (via The Elec and MacRumors), the Apple Vision Pro 2 in question is in line to get displays that are way brighter and even more efficient than those in the current model. They will also reportedly be making use of more advanced micro-OLED technology.

This as you should know will apparently be due to a switch to a standard dubbed RGB OLEDoS, which in question produces light and color directly from its RGB sub-pixels. A color filter as you should know with this, is no longer needed, thus improving the user experience when it comes to the said visuals.

Samsung Is Expected To Be the Manufacturer

Samsung is however expected to be the manufacturer thus making the necessary panels, but you have got some time to save up first as the Apple Vision Pro 2 is revealed to be launching in 2027, which is way further back than some earlier rumors that we have so far come across.

The Apple Vision Pro Cost and Availability

The Apple Vision Pro has not been made available to consumers as of yet, but it however got its grand unveiling back in June. We also know that pricing will start at a significant $3,499 – that in question is about £2,755 or AU$5,145, though what it will internationally cost has yet to be confirmed.



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