How to Use Dark Mode on Any Website – Force Dark Mode

If you are tired of websites with bright white pages, then you would want to know How to Use Dark Mode on Any Website. Sometimes, after staring at the screen for a really long period of time, looking at the white background of most pages can really be frustrating and headache-inducing.

How to Use Dark Mode on Any Website

Force Dark Mode

Especially if you are looking to surf the internet well into the night, surrounded by the darkness, these bright web pages also can be really disturbing to your eyes. And because of this, a lot of websites are now working on and have a dark mode. The dark mode just simply changes the color scheme of the site to a dark black or even gray colors. Tons of computers and smartphones have this option also.

This standard is not everywhere, and for the majority of websites, there is not any kind of dark mode available. However, there are still ways in which you can get a lot of websites to display in dark mode by making use of an extension for browsers, or an app for your smartphone. Just by installing the Dark Reader app, you can just simply change the colors of any page and save your eyes from some strain.

How to Use the Dark Reader Extension

The very first way to make use of the Dark Reader is via the extension. This is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. You can choose to download this easily via the browser links found on the website. Once you added this extension through the browser of your choice, it would start working automatically.

The work of the dark reader is to analyze the web pages of each of the sites you visit and switch any of the bright colors to darker ones. On some browsers, like Firefox, you can choose to change the brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale for the dark mode also. You can still choose to set Dark reader to work only on certain websites by heading to the “site List” tab and then entering sites that you want to be set to “inverted” or “not Inverted.”

If you head over to the “More” tab, you should also find an option that you can use to change the default theme to a custom one, enabling you to choose how websites would appear when you are making use of the Dark Reader.

How to Use Dark Reader on Mobile

The dark reader is not only limited to the web, you can make use of it both on iPhone and Android devices. On iOS devices, just head over to the app store and then download the Dark Reader app to use the same dark mode features on these devices. Once it has been downloaded, you can just tap on the puzzle piece icon found on your Safari to launch the settings.

For Android users, you have to download Firefox in order to make use of the Dark Reader extension, as it is not supported for chrome on Android. In Firefox, you would want to go to the menu, then “add-ons” and then search for Dark Reader in other to add it. Once you have added to Firefox, it would automatically begin changing web pages to dark mode.

The settings can be altered in the “Add-ons” section by just tapping on Dark Reader. This would enable you to customize Dark Reader much like the desktop browser extension.


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