Apple Plans Vision Pro Launch by February According To Reports

Apple plans Vision Pro launch by February according to reports. The $3,499 mixed reality headset from Apple may just and finally be weeks away from a proposed launch.

Apple Vision Pro Launch

Apple Vision Pro Launch

Apple’s announcement back in June that it would be launching the Vision Pro headset “early next year” could well be very early. And as Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports, things are lining up in place for the device to launch by February. He also stated that we should not expect another launch event, which in question is understandable for a $3,499 device that will just probably have a limited supply.

But one thing you should know is that bringing this to market is a significant undertaking that simply means preparing Apple Store employees to guide new users, adjust fitting, and even deal with prescription lens options.

What Launching the First New Apple Hardware Platform Means

Launching the first new Apple hardware platform in several years includes new software with visionOS, and expert Gurman is already pointing to its next version, which as you should know should arrive later in the year 2024 along with the usual Mac and iPhone software updates. Another element to note is the just recently release of iOS 17.2, which allows the iPhone 15 Pro to capture 3D-encoded spatial videos in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, and you will be needing a headset to play them back in full detail.

Developers Are Also Being Prepared For the Launch

Developers in question are also being prepared for the said launch, with a note reportedly sent out recently telling them to “get ready,” which could in question include software that is made specifically for use in virtual as well as mixed reality environments or on the other hand the iPad and iPhone apps to which the Vision Pro in question will also have direct access.

And of course, any amount of elements could cause a delay, but the report in question however claims that production in China has been running at “full speed” for several weeks, with set plans to have retail units ready by the end of January just ahead of their arrival at retail.



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