Apple’s Next Vision Headset May Come with Prescription Lenses

Apple’s next Vision headset may come with prescription lenses shipped from the factory. Bloomberg has reported that the add-on lenses from the Vision Pro for people who wear glasses might just be too complicated a task for Apple to keep pursuing.

Apple’s Next Vision Headset Prescription Lenses

Apple’s Next Vision Headset Prescription Lenses

Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg writes today that a future Apple virtual reality headset could just be smaller and lighter, and each unit in question could ship customized from the factory for people with confirmed impaired vision. With the very first-generation Vision Pro, the solution for glasses wearers from the company is to stock optional Zeiss-made lenses in its retail stores, which as you should know creates its very own problems with managing the supply, and then turning its electronics store at the time into a health provider.

The article in question points out just how fraught tying a product to a custom display could be, also given just how prescriptions can change with time and also how it would reportedly limit the ability to share the headset or even resell it.

How This Move May Affect Apple and Buyers

But Apple however has almost certainly already has really thought about this, and it’s filed patents as recently as August that show that it is interested in making a VR or AR display that can effectively be adjusted to correct the vision of a person. Doing something such as that would keep the firm from adding a new barrier to entry to a product that is already probably way too expensive. And it just could be good for customers who really don’t realize that they even have bad vision when they purchase a new VR headset.

Purchasing Apple’s Vision Pro Headset May Require an Appointment and Face Scan

Apple is at the moment planning to sell its $3,499 Vision Pro headset on an appointment-only basis at its launch, as per a report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. According to Gurman, Apple will eventually create designated sections where customers can try on the headset in several of its stores, with the very first ones appearing at stores in major areas such as New York and Los Angeles.

Apple will reportedly ask of in-store buyers to schedule an appointment to purchase the Vision Pro, which is very much similar to the rollout of the very first Apple Watch back in 2015. Gurman has stated that during the appointment, Apple will make sure that the Vision Pro fits the wearer and that it also outfits the device with prescription lens inserts in the event that it is needed. Gurman reveals that Apple Stores will need to keep “hundreds or thousands of lenses” in stock as a result of this.

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