Google Will Not Be Making a Budget Pixel Phone Anytime Soon

Google will not be making a budget Pixel phone anytime soon. According to several reports making the rounds, it is said that there are just way too many compromises.

Google Budget Pixel Phone

Google Budget Pixel Phone

The Google Pixel 8 and the Google Pixel 8 Pro as you should know have now been launched, and the Google Pixel 8a on the other hand could be with us sometime in the coming year – but what are the chances of a truly budget phone to round out the Pixel series? Pretty slim if I am to be honest, and it just sounds like it.

Nanda Ramachandran, VP of Google Mobile Business revealed to Der Standard (via Android Police) that there are no plans for a low-cost Google Pixel phone at the moment. And according to Ramachandran, it would involve way too many compromises along the way.

If you get to take the Google Pixel 7a, for instance, it still very much features the Tensor G2 chip inside the Google Pixel 7 Pro, so you really are not losing anything in regards to processor performance, despite the cheaper price tag.

The Pixel Series to Expand Into Many More Markets

Ramachandran on the other hand also goes on the record to state that the Pixel series is going to be expanding into many more markets in both the regions of Europe and Asia, with the main aim of getting the brand more widely recognized and known, and, yes of course boosting sales at the same time.

With the Pixel 7a in question coming in at a starting retail price of just $499 / £449 / AU$749, there really is not that much lower to go, but as you can see from a comprehensive list of some of the best budget phones, you can select up a smartphone for significantly less than the Pixel 7a.

Price Bump between the Pixel 7 Series and the Pixel 8 Series

There has actually been a price bump between the Pixel 7 series and the Pixel 8 series, which is reflected in the improvements to the internal specs, the camera systems, as well as the extended seven years of support for both software and security updates.

The new phones in question are also packed with AI wizardry, as well as cutting back on those features so as to reach a price that is somewhere around a third of what the costs of the Pixel 8 wouldn’t make sense for Google at the moment, as per Ramachandran.

Google’s Strong Track Record When It Comes to Mid-Range Handsets

Google as you should know really has a strong track record when it comes to its mid-range handsets, which in question do a good job of balancing pricing against features. The devices in question cost significantly way less without too many compromises, so with that being said, we are really interested to see what the Pixel 8a will bring to the table.


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