Applications Open for Tanzania Forest Fund – Apply Now

In a collaborative endeavour to safeguard and revitalize Tanzania’s diverse ecosystems, the Tanzania Forest Fund (TFF) invites applications, presenting a crucial opportunity for conservation enthusiasts and organizations.

Applications Open for Tanzania Forest Fund
Applications Open for Tanzania Forest Fund

This article serves as your comprehensive guide, providing essential details about the fund, application procedures, and tips for a successful application.

Overview of Tanzania Forest Fund

The Tanzania Forest Fund stands as a pivotal initiative devoted to backing projects that protect and enrich the country’s forests. As a response to environmental challenges, the TFF plays a vital role in promoting sustainable practices and fostering biodiversity conservation.

Objective Overview

The primary objective of the Tanzania Forest Fund is to foster sustainable conservation efforts, promote biodiversity and ensure the long-term health of Tanzania’s forests.

Eligible Countries and Individuals

The fund is open to projects within Tanzania, encouraging participation from individuals and organizations dedicated to preserving the nation’s unique ecosystems.


  • Enhance capacity building to training and/or research institutions and best student awards.
  • Improving quantity, quality and value addition for sustainable use of forest produce.
  • Research in forestry geared at:Improving forest development, protection, conservation and management.
  • Improvement of livelihood of communities living adjacent to forest resource base.
  • Forest resources protection, conservation and management.

Types of grants

  • Small Grants (Amounts not exceeding TZS 10 million)
  • Medium Grants (Amounts above TZS 10 million but not exceeding TZS 20 million)
  • Large Grants (Amounts above TZS 20 million but not exceeding TZS 50 million)
  • Special Purpose Grants (Amount exceeding TZS 50 million)

Application Deadline

Submit your applications to the Tanzania Forest Fund before the specified date to be considered for this significant opportunity.(31-Mar-2024)

Benefits of TFF Support

Applying for the Tanzania Forest Fund offers the following benefits:

  • Support for Conservation Initiatives: Successful applicants can receive financial backing for projects aimed at conserving and protecting Tanzania’s forests, actively contributing to overall biodiversity preservation.
  • Community Engagement Opportunities: The fund may present chances for community involvement, enabling local communities to actively take part in sustainable forest management practices.
  • Economic Empowerment: Initiatives supported by the fund may lead to economic empowerment, providing avenues for income generation and enhancing livelihoods for communities reliant on forest resources.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Projects funded by the Tanzania Forest Fund contribute to the sustainable management of forest ecosystems, fostering environmental conservation and resilience.
  • Capacity Building: Successful applicants can benefit from capacity-building initiatives, acquiring knowledge and skills that enhance their ability to address challenges related to forest conservation.
  • Partnerships and Networking: Engaging with the Tanzania Forest Fund opens doors to partnerships and networking opportunities within the conservation and environmental sustainability sector.
  • Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation: Supported projects may play a role in mitigating the effects of climate change by promoting sustainable land use and reducing deforestation.
  • Access to Resources: Successful applicants gain access to resources and funding that can be pivotal in implementing impactful projects addressing critical forest-related issues.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Practices: The fund encourages and supports projects promoting sustainable forest management practices, contributing to long-term ecological balance.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Applying for the Tanzania Forest Fund facilitates collaboration with various stakeholders, including government bodies, NGOs, and local communities, fostering a holistic approach to forest conservation.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for TFF support, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Commitment to Conservation: Applicants should show a strong commitment to conserving and sustainably managing Tanzania’s forests.
  • Project Alignment: Proposed projects must align with the goals and objectives outlined by the Tanzania Forest Fund, emphasizing biodiversity preservation and sustainable forest practices.
  • Community Involvement: Projects should actively involve and benefit local communities, fostering their participation in sustainable forest management.
  • Innovation and Impact: The fund seeks projects with clear potential for a positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, and local communities.
  • Capacity for Implementation: Applicants must demonstrate the capacity and capability to effectively implement and manage the proposed projects.
  • Legal Compliance: Projects must adhere to relevant laws and regulations governing forest management in Tanzania.
  • Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration with other stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and local communities, to enhance project effectiveness.


Ineligibility Criteria for Tanzania Forest Fund Applications:

  • Lack of Alignment: Projects that do not align with the goals and objectives of the Tanzania Forest Fund may be deemed ineligible for funding.
  • Insufficient Community Engagement: Proposals lacking a meaningful plan for community involvement and benefit may be considered ineligible.
  • Non-Compliance with Regulations: Projects that do not adhere to the legal framework and regulations governing forest management in Tanzania may be disqualified.
  • Limited Capacity: Applications lacking evidence of the capacity to implement and manage proposed projects effectively may face ineligibility.
  • Unrealistic Impact: Projects without a clear and realistic potential for positive impact on the environment, biodiversity, or local communities may be considered ineligible.
  • Exclusion of Stakeholders: Proposals that do not incorporate collaboration with relevant stakeholders, such as government bodies and NGOs, may be ineligible.
  • Incomplete Documentation: Applications with incomplete or insufficient documentation may not be considered for funding.

How to Apply for the Tanzania Forest Fund

Follow these key steps when applying for TFF support:

  • Visit the Official Website: Familiarize yourself with the application process by accessing the official Tanzania Forest Fund website at [].
  • Review Guidelines: Thoroughly examine the guidelines, priorities, and eligibility criteria outlined by TFF to align your conservation project appropriately.
  • Prepare Necessary Documents: Gather all required documentation, including project proposals, budgets, resumes, and any additional materials specified in the guidelines.
  • Complete Online Application Form: Fill out the online application form available on the official website, providing accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Submit Before Deadline: Ensure your application reaches TFF before the specified deadline to be considered for support.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants are typically required to submit:

  • Detailed project proposals outlining conservation objectives.
  • Comprehensive budget plans demonstrating the intended use of funds.
  • Resumes or portfolio summaries of key individuals involved in the project.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Enhance your chances of success by adhering to these tips:
  • Clearly articulate the environmental impact of your project.
  • Demonstrate alignment with TFF priorities and guidelines.
  • Present a well-structured and feasible budget plan.
  • Highlight the expertise of your team in conservation efforts.

In Conclusion:

With applications now open for the Tanzania Forest Fund, conservationists have a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to the country’s environmental well-being. By aligning with the fund’s priorities and following the application guidelines. Applicants can play a vital role in unlocking a sustainable future for Tanzania’s forests.

Frequently asked questions

What Makes an Application Ineligible for TFF Support?

Applications may be deemed ineligible if they do not meet the specified criteria or violate the guidelines set by the Tanzania Forest Fund.

What are the Priorities and Types of Grants Offered by TFF?

TFF prioritizes projects contributing to biodiversity conservation, afforestation, and sustainable forest management. Grants may vary based on project scale, with smaller projects receiving proportional funding.

What is the Primary Objective of the Tanzania Forest Fund?

The primary objective of the Tanzania Forest Fund is to foster sustainable conservation efforts, promoting biodiversity and ensuring the long-term health of Tanzania’s forests.



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