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A statistician’s job includes designing and applying statistical principles and techniques for collecting, organizing, and interpreting computable data. They also use statistical methodologies to produce statistical reports and analyses for commercial, government, and other purposes.

Statistician Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

Statisticians collect data and analyze a firm’s data. Since they are conversant with automated and manual data, they thereby work to identify trends in data sets, before they offer those patterns to firms who can oversee their business operations effectively.

What Are Statistician Jobs

Statistics is referred to as the science of inferring the proportions of the population depending on a limited research or survey. Therefore, the job of a statistician includes using mathematical formulas and statistical techniques to help analyze and read data. They design mathematical models and make use of statistical software to carry out data analysis.

Salary of Statisticians in the United States

If you are interested in finding out the salary of statisticians in the US, then you should check below. However, you need to know that the salary is based on the location, the company hiring, and the years of experience.

Salary Low Base Salary Average Base Salary High Base Salary
Per hour $26.00 $42.10 $68.17
Per day $269 $436 $705
Per week $1,111 $1,799 $2,913
Per month $4,299 $6,961 $11,272
Per year $60,715 $98,318 $159,210

Highest Paying Cities for Statistician Jobs

Below, you will find the highest paying cities for statistician and their range of salary.

New York, NY

The yearly salary range for a statistician in New York, NY is $81,938 – $233,828.

Cupertino, CA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Cupertino, CA is $121,035 – $160,401.

Washington, DC

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Washington, DC is

$93,552 – $164,623.

Boston, MA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Boston, MA is $75,258 – $164,073.

Austin, TX

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Austin, TX is $52,812 – $157,079.

Chicago, IL

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Chicago, IL is $69,253 – $120,292.

Suitland, MD

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Suitland, MD is $63,976 – $123,883.

Los Angeles, CA

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Los Angeles, CA is $71,670 – $123,418.

Ann Arbor, MI

The yearly salary range for a statistician in Ann Arbor, MI is $55,090 – $79,265.

Top Companies for Statistician Jobs in the United States

There are some top companies where one can apply for statistician jobs. These companies and their pay are highlighted below.

Top Companies Salary Per Hour Salary Per Year How To Apply
Apple $12.41 – $64.81 $41,784 – $219,258
SAS $10.82 – $50.00 $54,689 – $168,040
U.S. Food and Drug Administration $20.98 – $26.62 $63,812 – $179,447
TechData Service Company LLC. $28.39 – $84.42 $45,078 – $178,899
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services    _ $45,000 – $197,000
Boston College $12.00 – $40.30 $40,646 – $126,521
UCLA Health $13.96 – $80.87 $46,000 – $172,433
U.S. Department of Commerce $14.24 – $31.55 $38,109 – $158,549
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $15.45 –



$39,597 – $141,936
Michigan Medicine $12.13 – $45.42 $32,411 – $115,238

Types of Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

There are different types of statistician jobs that qualified candidates can apply for. Some of these jobs can be outlined below. You can search below for any job that you can do.

Principal Data Scientist

A principal data scientist partners with a team of stakeholders, data engineers, and product managers to find solutions to real-life issues in the healthcare domain.

Python Developer for Financial Model Risk Management Systems

A Python developer plays a very functional role in the requirements generation, design, analysis, implementation, design, and testing of the model risk management system with Python and other important tools.

Business Data Analyst for Financial Modeling Systems

The job description includes serving as an analyst in a high-performing software development team that is in charge of developing and supporting Freddie Mac’s financial forecasting applications.

Data Scientist

As a data scientist, your main focus will be on the marketing and product teams. You will have to look out for how customer understanding can be improved and how to optimize spending and returns through modeling such as MMM, CLV, retention, and loyalty.

Credit Management Analyst

The duty of a credit management analyst involves acquiring information on critical credit risk management-related applications for payment system risk and lending activities.

Research Support Specialist, Climate Jobs Institute – Hybrid

A research support specialist supports the research functions of the Climate Jobs Institute. Program and also contributes and authors independent research projects. their duties involve carrying out fieldwork that is in line with research projects and analyzing information.

Where to Find Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Online

There are different job search websites and platforms to find statistician jobs online. Here are some of the platforms.

You can search for statistician jobs in your location and shuffle the results by those offering visa sponsorship.

Duties and Responsibilities of Statistician Jobs

The duties and responsibilities of a statistician fall into this category.

  • Working with experts in various industries.
  • Designing pools, experiments, and surveys.
  • Aiding companies or governmental bodies to make decisions by analyzing data and reporting conclusions.
  • Stating what data is important.
  • Traveling to get data or oversee surveys.
  • Deciding the methods for which data will be found or collected, and also the type and size of the sample.

Steps to Becoming A Statistician

If you are interested in becoming a statistician, then you will need to follow the steps below.

  • First, you will need to take lots of math courses available. This is because statistician needs knowledge in mathematics to carry out their jobs effectively. Colleges also offer math courses like differential equations, physics, computer programming, calculus, statistics, engineering, and linear algebra, you can partake in any of these courses.
  • Next, you will need a bachelor’s degree. It could be in math or statistics.
  • Then, you search for an internship. Lots of companies and government bodies do offer fellowships for graduate students.
  • You also need to get a master’s degree because a master’s degree will offer you access to more advanced positions and higher pay.
  • Then, you also need to consider a doctorate. With a doctorate, you will be eligible to teach at a college or university.

Skills & Requirements for Statistician Jobs

Here are the skills and requirements needed by a statistician

Machine Learning

As a statistician, you will need to gain knowledge or experience with machine learning as it will incorporate algorithm development, training algorithms with sample sets, or using the results from machines for data analysis.


A statistician will need experience with AI, or the use of machines to learn and adapt as they carry out computing tasks.


As a statistician, you will need a programming language used for interacting with data held in a relational database.

Natural Language Processing

A statistician will need experience in Natural language processing which is a process that emphasizes interaction between computer and human languages.


This is an interpreted, open-source Language of programming.


It is a software environment and language for statistical computing.

Benefits Of Statistician Jobs

Listed below are some of the benefits of statistician jobs.

  • 401(k)
  • Health insurance
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Green card sponsorship
  • Parental leave
  • Employee discount
  • Paid time off

How to Apply for Statistician Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for a statistician job, you will need to follow the procedure below.

  • Get your credentials ready.
  • Then you look for opportunities. You can search the online platforms that were listed above for job listings.
  • Once you have found a job listing, submit your applications and channel your resume and cover letter to the job you are applying for.
  • Attend the interview if you are shortlisted.
  • Next, you discuss the visa sponsorship with your employer.
  • Work hand in hand with your employer to ensure the visa application process is complete.
  • Prepare for relocation, once your visa is accepted.

Visas Available for Statistician jobs with visa sponsorship

The H1B visa sponsorship is available for statisticians. This visa is for those people in a certain professional or academic field or with special expertise who have a college degree or higher or the equivalent in work experience. This visa has a residency period of three years. A statistician can also use the skilled work visa which permits them to visit the us to do a job they are eligible for.

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