Amazon Prime to Cost $139 Soon

Have you heard of the news, Amazon prime to cost $139 soon? What do you have to say about this? What if I told you that there is a way for you to keep things the way they are, I mean a $119 ways rate for a whole one year?

Amazon Prime to Cost $139 Soon

Amazon Prime to Cost $139 Soon

Amazon prime which is one of the most popular subscription services will be raising its prices according to various sources. With this post, you however get to learn how to save more money before it happens.

Amazon declared huge final quarter benefits on Thursday, yet in addition some awful news for clients: The online retail monster is climbing the cost of its famous Amazon Prime participation. The cost will before long ascent from $119 to $139 for yearly endorsers, and for a month to month individuals from $13 to $15 ($156 to $180 for a considerable length of time).

This knock denotes whenever Amazon first has raised costs on Amazon Prime beginning around 2018 when the expense went from $99 to $119 each year (from $11 to $13 month to month). The exceptional membership service was initially sent off in 2005 at $79 each year.

As of December 2021, around 172 million individuals buy into Amazon Prime, as indicated by a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The report takes note that Amazon Prime has added 30 million new supporters over two years.

Despite the fact that the cost is ascending, there are ways of augmenting your present membership or getting in on the old cost before it’s gone. Peruse on to realize about the Amazon Prime value change and how you can set aside cash.

How Much Is Amazon Raising the Price of Prime

The price of amazon prime will change from $119 to $139 per year for the majority of its users or from $13 to $15 monthly.

Costs will likewise increase for students and other low-pay supporters. Prime Student individuals will before long compensation $7.50 each month, or $69 each year. For beneficiaries of Electronic Benefit Transfer and other qualified types of government help, the month-to-month cost will increment from $6 to $7.

When Will the Change in Price Take Effect

The changes in the platform’s price will take effect from February 18 and this is for new amazon prime accounts. For existing accounts, on the other hand, the effect of the price hike will start on the first renewal after March 25th.

How to Save Money before the Price of Amazon Prime Changes

Assuming that you were thinking about an Amazon Prime subscription, this moment’s the opportunity to get it done. Costs will change for new records on Feb. 18. On the off chance that you pay for a yearly subscription previously, you’ll lock in on the $119 yearly rate until 2023.

Current Amazon Prime users should take a look at their Amazon records to check whether they are month to month or yearly subscribers. On the off chance that you’re a month-to-month user and change to a yearly subscription, you’ll likewise lock in on the $119 rate until the following year.


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