What Is Location Mismatch in Facebook Dating

What is location mismatch in Facebook dating? I bet you don’t know. Many of the Facebook dating service users never knew about this very feature on the platform until they had to have an encounter with it.

What Is Location Mismatch in Facebook Dating

In this post, however, everything you need to know in regards to location mismatch in Facebook dating will be addressed.

What Is Location Mismatch in Facebook Dating

Location mismatch on the Facebook dating platform simply means a situation where your primary location does not match with other users on the Facebook dating service. And when this happens you will not be able to match with any new potential match on the platform. In the course of this post, I will be directing you on what to do to correct location mismatch on Facebook dating.

Facebook dating normally would only suggest other dating users to you based on your preferences such as distance and other measures. If Facebook dating notices that your dating location does not match your primary location, you may be asked to update your dating location.

You can however continue to message and chat with your existing matches on the platform. On the other hand, you will not be able to make new matches on the service until your dating and primary locations match.

How to Correct Location Mismatch on Facebook Dating

Normally if you have traveled recently and relocated to a new location, your primary location on Facebook should automatically update as you continue to make use of the services of the social media platform. It may however take some time for your primary location on the dating service of Facebook to update.

Some persons however may find it difficult to update their dating location in order to match their primary location, or they just might be uncomfortable turning on their location services. Facebook dating advises these sets of people faced with the problem of simply deleting their dating profiles on the platform. It’s that simple, although it may not be the easiest step to take.

There are some persons that may revert to the services of VPNs in matching their locations to their primary locations. You should however bear in mind that making use of VPNs may cause your dating and primary locations to mismatch!

What Is Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is an online dating service by Facebook. This dating service matches users with potential dates based on their preferences such as age, ethnicity, location, and many other factors. The feature can only be accessed via the Facebook mobile app as there is no standalone app or a website dedicated to it solely.


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