What Is Match Anywhere On Facebook Dating

What is match anywhere on Facebook dating? If you have made use of the Facebook dating feature then you should know that Facebook only suggests potential matches to you based on your preferences. And these preferences you are matched with include our location.

What Is Match Anywhere On Facebook Dating

What Is Match Anywhere On Facebook Dating

What does the latter in the previous paragraph tell you? This simply means that you do not match on the Facebook dating platform anyhow and just because you want to match. There are Ts and Cs to be adhered to for a match to happen.

Facebook however has introduced a new feature on the platform that overrides the location policy completely. Selected Facebook dating users in selected regions can now be able to add more than one location to their Facebook dating profile and preferences. And this is where the match anywhere feature on Facebook dating comes in.

How to Access the Match Anywhere Feature in Facebook Dating

It is easy and simple! The Facebook match anywhere feature is a new one and it is only available to a handful of people at the moment. This means that you may have access to the Facebook dating service and still not be able to use the match anywhere feature. Availability and accessibility of this feature also do not include new Facebook dating profiles.

How to Use Match Anywhere In Facebook Dating

You can use the match anywhere feature of Facebook dating to go through suggested matches in the platform that are outside your primary dating location. You can add up to two or more dating locations and when you do, your profile will show that you are looking in those additional locations also.

Another thing with this feature is that you can control if daters who added your primary dating location as an additional location can see and also potentially match with you.

How to Add a New Location to Facebook Dating With The Match Anywhere Feature

It is easy and to do this, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your Facebook mobile app and tap the hamburger icon.
  • Tap or select dating from the extended menu page.
  • Next, tap profile and select the edit icon.
  • Tap dating location and tap add locations.
  • Lastly, search for a location you want to add and select it.

To remove a location, follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook mobile and make sure you are logged into your account.
  • Tap the hamburger icon and select dating.
  • Tap profile and select the edit icon.
  • Select dating location and tap the delete icon next to the location you want to remove from the service.

That’s it.


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