Save $90 on Apple Watch Series 9 Models At Best Buy Today

Save $90 on Apple Watch Series 9 models at Best Buy today. These very deals on the latest smartwatch from Apple drops the prices very close to its all-time lows.

Apple Watch Series 9 Models At Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 9 Models At Best Buy

If you’re considering a new smartwatch and happen to own an iPhone, the Apple Watch stands out as the top choice. Specifically, the latest Apple Watch Series 9 ranks among the best smartwatches available, and currently, you can take advantage of a significant $90 discount thanks to a limited-time offer at Best Buy. This promotion brings Series 9 configurations to prices within $10 of their lowest ever, but act fast as the deal expires at the end of the day.

At present, you can order a brand-new Apple Watch Series 9 in the 41mm size for just $309 at Best Buy, while the 45mm version is available for only $339. Multiple color options are available across both sizes, with discounts also offered on cellular-enabled models. Notably, this deal does not require you to be a My Best Buy member to participate.

Specs and Features of Apple Watch Series 9

Released in the fall of 2023, the Apple Watch Series 9 comes equipped with a new S9 chipset, marking the first significant processor upgrade since the Apple Watch Series 6. This enhancement translates to improved speed and power efficiency. Additionally, the device introduces a new Double Tap gesture, expanding one-handed use possibilities, and becomes the first model to feature on-device Siri commands. Ultra Wideband capabilities and a brighter display further enhance the user experience.

Other Notable Features of the Apple Watch Series 9

Buyers can explore a plethora of possibilities through the App Store, which offers an array of health-tracking features, games, and more. With Apple Pay support, users can make payments on the go even without their wallet or iPhone, adding to the convenience and functionality of the Apple Watch Series 9.



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