Google Pixel Users are Suffering From a Storage Bug Again

Google Pixel users are suffering from a storage bug again. The issue seems to be linked to the January 2024 Google Play system update, which as you should know limits access to internal storage as well as crash apps. Google is however investigating the said incident now.

Google Pixel Storage Bug

Google Pixel Storage Bug

A recent update to the Google Play system, specifically the January 2024 release, has been linked to functional disruptions in several Google Pixel models. Users are encountering various problems, especially with accessing data on the device’s internal storage. The issues manifest as frequent app crashes, difficulties in media playback, and errors when using the phone’s camera.

In response to these concerns, a statement from Google to 9to5Google confirmed their awareness and ongoing investigation into the matter: “aware of this issue and are looking into it.” The challenges faced by Pixel owners echo the glitches observed in the Android 14 update that affected multiple profiles in October of the previous year. A Reddit user, Liv-lyf, pointed out the similarities: “The symptoms are all the same,” citing a range of issues from unmountable internal storage to empty file directories and non-functional camera and screenshot features.

The Malfunction Has Been Observed Across Various Google Pixel Models

The malfunction has been observed across various models including the Google Pixel 5 through 8, as well as the Fold series. Not all users of these models have been affected by the January 2024 update, which has not been deployed on a large scale. For users curious about their Pixel’s current version, the pathway to check is via Settings > Security & privacy > System & updates.

With the ongoing issues, it is advisable, as noted by Mishaal Rahman from Android Central / Android Authority / Android Police, to delay updating devices still on the November 2023 version. Google has reportedly halted the rollout of the problematic update amidst their review.

The Solution to the Issue

Currently, the only known remedy for those experiencing these issues is to revert their devices to factory settings. Google had previously addressed a similar issue last October swiftly with a software update. However, for some users, it was necessary to employ the Pixel Repair Tool to rectify constant rebooting problems.



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