Save 50% or More on Ancestry DNA Kits and Online Membership – SHOP NOW

Save 50% or more on Ancestry DNA kits and online membership and discover your story. The Black Friday sales of Ancestry right at this moment will get you up to $200 off.

Ancestry DNA Kits and Online Membership

Ancestry DNA Kits and Online Membership

Every family as you should know is unique, and holiday gatherings really mean sharing as well as revisiting the history of your family. Right at this moment, you can discover even more of the story with a DNA test kit from Ancestry, all thanks to some really mammoth Black Friday savings as Ancestry is reportedly offering 50% or more off.

What You Get With This Black Friday Offer From Ancestry DNA

There are deals on offer at the moment. Score the Ancestry DNA test kit for just $49, or $50 off the regular and usual price of $99. It is inclusive of your test origins, ethnicity as well as DNA matches. For an upgrade, you should bundle the Ancestry DNA test kit with World Explore membership on for only $50, thus making it half off the usual price of $100. You will get to gain access to DNA origins, ethnicity, matches, traits as well as inheritance along with searchable online archives of both US and international records.

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  • FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder + myDNA Wellness DNA Test – SHOP NOW
  • Genetic Genealogy Triangulation Kit for DNA Tests and Ancestry Research – SHOP NOW
  • Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Testing Kit – SHOP NOW
  • AncestryDNA Genetic Test Kit: Personalized Genetic Results – SHOP  NOW
  • PaternityLab DNA Sibling Test  – SHOP NOW
  • AncestryDNA and Know Your Pet DNA by AncestryDNA Bundle – SHOP NOW
  • Genetrace DNA Aunt/Uncle Test  – SHOP NOW
  • SelfDecode Health DNA Test Kit – SHOP NOW
  • Genetrace DNA Cousin Test  – SHOP NOW
  • HomeDNA Ancestry Analysis + Report  – SHOP NOW
  • My Forever DNA – Home Paternity DNA Test Kit – SHOP NOW
  • My Forever DNA – Sibling DNA Test Kit – SHOP NOW
  • tellmeGen DNA Test Advanced Duo – SHOP NOW
  • Bloodline Genetics DNA Test Kit for Paternity – SHOP NOW
  • Home DNA Paternity Kit – 1 ct – SHOP NOW
  • HealthCodes DNA™ – DNA Kit for Wellness, Nutrition – SHOP NOW
  • ORIG3N Genetic Home Mini DNA Test Kit – SHOP NOW

The Biggest Saving With This Offer and Deal

The biggest savings here in question is the 2-for-1 bundle. And for just $147 you can get the bundle of one Ancestry DNA test kit plus an All-Access membership to, which as you should know gives you direct access to online archives, US and international records, newspapers, military records, as well as four additional access accounts to share directly with your family.

When Will This Offer End?

This offer in question as you should know ends on Nov. 27 at 11:59 p.m. PT.



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