Family Tree Apps – Best Family Tree Apps to Download

If you are looking for a good family tree maker, it is hard to sort through all the resources out there. So, we’ve collected the best free family tree apps out there, to assist you to discover and record your family tree on your mobile.

Family Tree Apps

Family Tree Apps

If you’re wondering the way to make a good family tree, many of these have step-by-step instructions, which will guide you thru an otherwise complicated process. Many are linked to genealogy websites that provide even more resources and options.

Best Family Tree Apps

Here are some of the Best Family Tree Apps:


Perhaps the most comprehensive of the family tree apps, Ancestry gives you the choice of building a family tree. It helps connect your entries to public records, building an in-depth picture of your ancestry.

Ancestry also offers a send-in DNA test (starting at $99) that pairs with the AncestryDNA app. And this may tell you even more about your genealogy and heritage.

FamilySearch Tree

relies more on entering information manually and doesn’t offer a similar extensive database as Ancestry. But you do have the choice to add memories to people or relationships you enter, giving your family tree a fair more personal twist.

For an app entirely focused on personal memories and family stories, check up on its sister app, FamilySearch Memories.


This is one of the Family Tree Apps that gives public records to assist build out your family tree. Unfortunately, this feature is a component of its premium plan which is $179.99/year.

However, a really cool feature of the free version is that the photo colorization and animation feature. Upload a photo of any loved one and see it became a blinking, moving video.

And this may offer a new richness to old photos. MyHeritage also offers a DNA evaluation ($79) for those interested in learning more about their roots.

Find a Grave

While this is not strictly a Family Tree building App, it is a great resource for those looking to connect with their ancestors.

Find a Grave allows you to look for family members’ graves all throughout the US. And possibly discover ones you didn’t know about.

It seems to be mostly sourced from members, so you’ll also upload your own pictures of headstones. Users can also create memorials for loved ones who have died.


If you are looking to make a family tree that lives outside its app of origin, Treeview is the way to go. Each entry has the option to add facts, notes, and pictures. And is the most easily shareable, whether on social media or if you would like to print it.

I would recommend Treeview to anyone who wants a physical family tree, whether for private purposes or bigger projects, like for college or work.


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