Razer’s New Light Bar Is a Must-Have for Your Monitor

Razer’s new light bar is a must-have for your monitor as it serves more like a mullet and once again a must-have for any type of situation. It’s just like having your business in front and then having a really wild party in the back.

Razer’s New Light Bar

Razer’s New Light Bar

Razer already has announced a whole lot of stuff at CES 2024, and this is inclusive of spec upgrades to its Blade gaming laptops, an upgraded gaming chair, a USB-C dock and so many more. It’s exciting times for the company no doubt. Well, I am really psyched regarding the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back Aether Monitor Light Bar.

Specs and Features

The Aether on the front has a business-like CRI 95 temperature adjustable white light that reportedly goes up to 500 lux. And the device by day effectively illuminates your desk in high CRI light without having to create glare on your monitor or even cluttering your desk. The devices you should know have capacitive touch controls. The design is really tasteful, practical, and utilitarian.

And immediately you are finally off the clock, the back of the light bar is RGB city. You can easily and most effectively light up your walls in 16.8 million set of colors, Chroma RGB integration, sync into your games, sync it with other Aether lamps that are in your Razer Gamer Room, and even decide to sync it to the lights on your case fans. Well, there is absolutely nothing you have in mind that you cannot do with it.

Aether Monitor Support of Matter

The Aether Monitor Light Bar as you should know is also in support of Matter. That said, it will effectively and seamlessly integrate with your smart home as well as all other matter lightning products that we have so far tested. The product as you should know will set you back $129.99 when it finally ships in March 2024, alongside other Aether lights.



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