Netflix Audio Out Of Sync – How to Fix Netflix Audio Out Of Sync

Is your Netflix Audio Out Of Sync? If it is, it typically points to a problem with the title you’re trying to watch, or to a problem with your device. If you are having audio & video sync issues in Netflix, several methods are available to fix them. It’s better if you can get to know about all those methods and go ahead with the best one out of them.

Netflix Audio Out Of Sync

Sometimes people who use Netflix often come across some problems with their connections. Among those problems, audio and video are out of sync and are one of the most common problems. Several factors can lead you towards this issue. Hence, it is important to have a basic understanding of those issues and work accordingly, so that you can get them fixed.

Netflix Audio Out Of Sync

How to fix Netflix audio out of sync? There’s not much worse than sitting down after a long day’s effort to watch your favorite TV show, only to have the experience ruined with audio that’s out of sync. If you use Netflix and you’ve been through this, then you’re not alone.

We’re not just talking about those long-day-at-work people. Whether you’re looking to relax, really get into that new movie, or even just have Netflix play for some background noise, the audio being out of sync would ruin it.

Well, no more! In this article, we’ll be telling you simple ways you can use to fix Netflix audio being out of sync with the video. As you go through the different methods, do keep in mind that you may need to adapt what you do according to the device you are using.

How to Fix Netflix Audio Out Of Sync

Below are guidelines on how you can fix your Netflix video out of sync;

  • Restarting your device; this method is not only the simplest but the one that Netflix itself recommends! It may often be overlooked or sound too simple, but sometimes all you need is to turn your device off and then on again to solve the audio issue. If you’re experiencing the out-of-sync problem on your phone, uninstalling and then reinstalling the app may do the trick.
  • Check for connectivity issues; although fixed in most of Netflix’s recent updates, it isn’t unheard of that your Internet could be causing the problem. Understandably, nobody wants their connection to be “not good enough” so you might want to consider conducting a speed test and check for upload and download speeds. It’s not all bad even if your Internet speed isn’t as fast as required. One potential way of fixing the audio being out of synch is to turn off HD streaming on Netflix.
  • Try a different browser; while there isn’t a proven theory that suggests a certain browser causes this error, users have reported that switching their browser did help with the problem. It may easily be the case that certain browsers may not be fully compatible with the device they’re using.
  • Turn off hardware acceleration; this is a feature that is most commonly found in Google Chrome. If you’re using this browser and don’t want to switch, this option might be your way out and fix the Netflix audio out-of-sync issue.
  • Play a different title; you may not want to hear this as we watch Netflix for our own favorite shows, but you might want to consider watching something else for a while. The people at Netflix themselves have said that sometimes the audio being out of sync is just an issue with the particular title you’re trying to watch. Start playing a few others and it should be fine! Hopefully, when you return to the one you want to watch, it’ll be worthwhile. To get more details on the guidelines on how to fix your Netflix audio out of sync kindly click here.

So to conclude, the Netflix audio out-of-sync issue isn’t extremely rare. All you need to do to solve it is to keep a check on your own software, and you’re back to streaming in no time! Well to get more information on any problems concerning Netflix out of sync you can check this link.

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