Prusa Is Offering Shoppers Free Shipping and Free Gifts This Black Friday, But There’s A Catch

Prusa is offering shoppers free shipping and free gifts this Black Friday, but there’s a catch. The catch with this offer is that the free shipping and free gifts only apply when you buy Mk4 and Mk3 3D printers on the platform. Well, you should know that it is not just those two 3D printers on the platform either as there are free gifts all over the store.

Prusa Free Shipping Black Friday

Prusa Free Shipping Black Friday

Prusa for those that don’t know has been making some of the best 3D printers that are available in the market for many years now, and this very Black Friday, the company has introduced a bunch of freebies to go along with a buy of most of the 3D printers of the company. These freebies as you should know are inclusive of free worldwide shipping, as well as an extra roll of Prusa filament.

What to Get When You Buy a Product from Prusa This Black Friday

And just because these very free gifts are free, you really don’t have to do anything to get access to them. All you have to do is to simply order yourself a Prusa Mk4, Mk3S+, Prusa Mini, or an SLS1 resin printer, and then several gifts will be added to your order depending on the type of bundle that you purchased. For instance, if it is that you get the Prusa Mk4 which is one of CNET’s best fast 3D printers, you will get:

  • Free global shipping
  • An extra roll of orange filament (already you get a roll in the box)
  • A textured build plate to utilize with other materials
  • 2 models that are worth $30 each
  • A free Fusion 360 course that will help you to design your very own models for 3D printing
  • Lastly, a $10 voucher to the model library of Fab365’s

Just the filament and build plate in question alone are worth $70 and the free global shipping on the other hand is incredibly helpful if it is that you live far from Europe. If you select the SLS1, you will get free resin instead of filament, but that is still very much a good deal when it is that you need to stock up on that anyway. There are also a couple of caveats to the free shipping (orders that are over 30 rolls of filament, for instance) so check out Prusa’s blog just before you make your buy to ensure that you are good to go.

Other Items to Get On Prusa

Prusa as you should know also has a more conventional sale on materials as well as spare parts such as nozzles so it is well worth going over to the store to simply take a look around. And, if it is that Prusa is a little too rich for your bank account, then you have to take a look at some of our other Black Friday 3D printer deals here.



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