Best Portable Printers – Are Portable Printers Worth it?

Looking for the best portable printer to use at home or in the office, you are in the right place. Portable printers are great for travelling, mostly for business people and artists.

Best Portable Printers
Best Portable Printers

We have put together the top 7 portable printers available in 2022 and also put them through a righteous side-by-side comparison to find the best for you. Scrolling down for more info.

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Best Portable Printers

Compacts and cost-effective portable printers are easy to store in a laptop bag or other travel bag so that you can print no matter your location.

We have picked the best portable printers on Amazon which are great for personal and professional use.

What To Look For In A Portable Printer

There are some things to consider when shopping for the best portable printer, they include size, weight, battery life, connectivity, and many more.

Size and Weight

It is very important to check out the size and weight of the printer to see if they are suitable for travellers and businessmen. However, portable printers are typically lightweight and compactable.

Additionally, portable printers are ideal for documents and photos that can weigh up to 5 pounds, so go for lightweight that you can carry about.

Battery Life

This is one of the most important items to consider when shopping for the best printer for work. However, many portable printers have optional batteries, so if you can’t find a power outlet, you can charge both batteries if you plan to print often.

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Don’t buy a printer that you can fix alone, make sure you go for a printer that is easy to connect. A lot of portable printers offer access to connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to enable printing from a range of devices.

Additionally, it helps create a wireless connection so there is less hassle. Other printer connection options include an AC adapter, rechargeable battery, or connection via USB.


Printer performance is another thing to consider. You will often find that many models can print anywhere between 5-10 pages per minute. If you don’t have time on your side, opt for a printer that has higher print speeds, such as a minimum of 10 pages per minute.

Easy to Use

This is another factor to consider. Make sure the portable printer is easy to operate and the setup is also easy.

7 Best Portable Printer to Buy Right Now

Best Portable Printer for Laptop – HP Officejet 200

This is one of the best HP Officejet 200 portable printers with wireless and mobile printing. It can be accessed through your laptop, IOS, mac, etc. the printer is wattage 15 and is portable to travel with.

Additionally, it features an easy printer wherever you need it, a wireless printer from your laptop or mobile device, as I have stated before, etc. This durable and compactable printer fits in your car, backpack, and more.


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Best for Photos – KODAK Instant Photo Printer

Looking for the best printer for photos, Kodak is the right option to go for. This reliable and stable Bluetooth connection can help you save timeless memories.

Additionally, each photo is printed in layers of ribbon with a lamenting process so it is fingerprint-proof and water resistant for a long-lasting time.  It can be used anytime and anywhere to help you portray timeless memories.


Best Mini Portable Printer – Cyeelves

Cyeelves mini printer is convenient to print anytime anywhere, and it can be recognized text, pictures, tables, emotions, etc. This printer is equipped with an excellent quality thermal print head, and generates patterns on the thermal paper by heating, no ink required.

Additionally, the wireless sticker printer is easy to operate and can be quickly connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, compatible with iOS & Android.


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Best Portable Printer Scanner – HPRT

This portable printer scanner is decent with a strong black and waterproof text legibly in PDF or word files by utilizing thermal transfer no-ink technology.

Additionally, this HPRT can be used to travel around and it fits in a laptop briefcase, backpack, or luggage. It is good for emergency printing on the go or business travelling.


Best for Scanner & Travel – Visioneer Xerox

Even if you are on a business trip or work in a mobile environment, you collect paper in your travel with this printer. It can be used for business cards, receipts, contracts, forms, and photos. This printer is fit for bags, wallets, etc.

In addition, this printer is very easy to use. It is very small and it can be placed in a pocket. For usage, just connect the USB cable to your laptop and insert a document and you are scanning.


Best For iPhone – Zink

For iPhone users, Zink Polaroid ZIP wireless mobile photo mini printer is the right option. It is vibrant photos in just seconds without the need for any computer connections. All you need to do is to connect it to wi-fi featuring zero ink printing technology.

Note that there is a free polaroid app made editing photos a breeze. In addition to being able to crop and rotate, you can adjust the brightness, colour, blur settings, and more – it’s all at your fingertips.


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Best Canon printer – Canon PIXMA TS6420a All-in-One

This printer is very easy to use and it can be printed from your computer or wirelessly from your smartphone. The TS6420a offers limitless ways to express your creativity.

In addition, the TS6420a features built-in Wi-Fi, making it simple to connect to your favourite device and use from any room. Print documents and reports right from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, easily.



Are Portable Printers Worth it?

Portable photo printers are worth it because they can connect to your smartphone or digital camera as well as edit and then print physical images.

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What are Portable Printers?

Portable Printer is a peripheral device that allows the users to generate a hard copy of the data stored or gathered using digital devices via a universal serial bus (USB) or Bluetooth. A portable printer is smaller, compact, and wireless in nature.

Do Portable Printers use Ink?

It depends on the model of the printer. Some portable printers operate ink-free, and instead, use a special type of film that coats the paper. This specialized paper includes dye crystals that will turn into either cyan, magenta, yellow, or black once the heat is applied.

Where to use a Portable Photo Printer?

The choice is yours; you can take your portable printer with you on vacation to capture those cherished moments. If you are an artist, print your work directly when you are out and about. You will also need to look through the various connectivity options of the printer you are considering as that will also indicate where you’ll be able to print.

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Can I Connect my Printer to my Mobile Device?

Absolutely. Do check the product specifications to ensure that the printer will be compatible with the operating system your phone has.

Can I Print without a Wi-Fi Connection?

The short answer to the question is yes. Most portable printers also allow you to connect via Bluetooth as an alternative to a Wi-Fi connection. The product specifications will outline the printer’s connectivity options, so have a read of these first.



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