The PS5 Slim’s Disc Drive Can Easily Be Swapped between Consoles but There’s A Catch

The PS5 Slim’s disc drive can easily be swapped between consoles but there’s a catch. And the catch here is that you are going to need a connection to the internet, meaning bad news for hot swappers.

PS5 Slim’s Disc Drive Swapped between Consoles

PS5 Slim’s Disc Drive Swapped between Consoles

Although it is at the moment slated for an unspecified “November” release, the new, slimmer PlayStation 5 model is already beginning to appear at a host of retailers. A bundle that contains Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available at the moment at Walmart alongside a variety of other early Black Friday PS5 deals.

That said, It is therefore no real surprise that some customers are now getting their hands on the console a tad bit early, and this is including Ryan Biniecki, the popular YouTuber who has posted a comprehensive unboxing as well as a comparison video to their channel.

How the Disc Swap Will Work

Thankfully, it seems that you will be able to swap out the disc drives around, at least as per what was demonstrated in the video shared by Biniecki, but there is however a catch. In addition to needing an internet connection the first and initial time that it is installed on a console, the disc drive in question will also require a connection to install every single time that it is subsequently moved to a new system. This connection as you should know is only needed once per console, but without it in case you don’t know, the system will not accept discs at all.

What Users Think about the New Disc Drive Swap

Although this is not too unexpected given the fact in regards to the internet requirement for the initial installation, it, however, does spark further fears regarding the potential impact of the decision on future video game preservation efforts. And as the disc drive requires an initial connection to the servers of Sony, there just might come a time a couple of years down the line when the servers are reportedly taken offline and the uninstalled versions of the disc drive module in question become wholly unusable.



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