What Announcing All Three Warcraft Expansions Simultaneously Mean

What does announcing all three Warcraft expansions simultaneously mean – well if you are conversant with the industry then you should know that the move in question helps to set expectations.

Announcing All Three Warcraft Expansions

Announcing All Three Warcraft Expansions

Fans of World of Warcraft were surprised, well, delightfully, during BlizzCon 2023, all thanks to the transparent and candid announcement of not one but all three Warcraft expansions.

The names of the three upcoming expansions in question are The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan. And altogether, they are known as The Worldsoul Saga and each in question will be inclusive of an interwoven narrative that not only rounds off some loose ends from prior expansions but also will help to define the next era of Warcraft as it draws close to its 20th anniversary. The expansions as you should know are expected to fully make their debut by the year 2030.

Ion Hazzikostas, the director of Warcraft, has since stated (via PC Gamer) that he is more than happy with this grand announcement. “There were definitely a few like, wait, we’re really showing all the logos? We’re going to tell them all of that? What do you mean, Chris?” Hazzikostas stated. “You’re going to say where it’s going to be?”

Fans Reaction to the Announcement of All Warcraft Expansions

It was quite and most certainly surprising for some fans to hear about all of these expansions in question all at once, as Blizzard very rarely never talks regarding more than the next release in its schedule. However, after the reported success of the previous Warcraft expansion Dragonflight, Blizzard was more relaxed in regards to being transparent concerning future content.

What the Director of Warcraft Has To Say about the New Development

“It has been our plan for some time. Speaking it out loud makes it real, and it signals to players that we have a big ambitious plan for the future of this game and lets them know,” Hazzikostas revealed. “But it also helps set expectations that the story of The War Within, obviously it’s going to have a satisfying internal conclusion, but not a complete conclusion because it is part of a larger arc.”

What to Expect After the End of the Next Saga

However, when the next Saga comes to an end, the result in question should be a narrative arc that gets to players and also excites them with better storytelling. And with the prospect of four zones, eight dungeons, raids, and even new levels, there is quite a lot for fans to get excited about, although the wait until the year 2030 may just be a hard pill to swallow for some.



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