World of Warcraft Mobile Game is Dead at Blizzard Reportedly

A highly-anticipated World of Warcraft Mobile Game is Dead at Blizzard Reportedly, due to some financial disputes, as stated in a report according to Bloomberg.

World of Warcraft Mobile Game is Dead at Blizzard Reportedly

Blizzard and its China publishing partner, NetEase, have decided to put the project on halt after working on it for about three years. A team of over 100 employees that were working on the project was also released, with only a few of them given the opportunity to head into a different role with NetEase.

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World of Warcraft Mobile Game is Dead at Blizzard Reportedly

Codenamed “Neptune,” the mobile adaptation was a spin-off of the main “world of warcraft” lore, that takes place in a different time period than what players have explored so far on its P version. This is not the first “warcraft” mobile game that has been canceled recently. In May of 2022, Bloomberg reported that a “World of Warcraft” mobile game modeled after Niantic’s Smash-hit Pokémon Go also got taken down.

There is nothing about what happens behind the scenes between Blizzard and NetEase and how it affects other mobile titles that are being developed between the two companies. Blizzard already is at work on an action strategy game titled “Warcraft Arclight Rumble” that is up for pre-registration on the Play Store. Notably, NetEase happens to be the core “World of Warcraft” game distributor in China.

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A Missed opportunity at Another Cash Machine

As February of 2022, Blizzard confirmed that the mobile game would be based on “World of Warcraft” which was in development and would be released later in the year. Meanwhile, “Diablo Immortal,” Which was worked on in collaboration with NetEase, keeps on making waves. Since it was released in June 2022, the game has turned out to be a success. SensorTower notes that the game has already brought in about $100 million just within a couple of months.

However, with the cancellation of the “World of Warcraft” the Mobile game pans out for the partnership between Blizzard and NetEase remains to be seen. In February of 2021, the CEO of Blizzard Bobby Kotick confirmed that “multiple” free-to-play mobile games based on the hit franchise were being actively developed. The fate of those projects is also not clear yet.

Mobile Gaming

Due to the rise of mobile gaming in the past few years and the success of titles like “Fortnite Mobile,” “Call of Duty: Mobile,” and “PUBG Mobile” that have spurred their very one competitive esports community “World of Warcraft” in its hands, the chance is hard for you to ignore.

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